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Do you really know how to choose the right shampoo for you

When it comes to hair, it can't be separated from the scalp. When choosing shampoo, we should not only consider the hair, but also pay attention to all kinds of scalp, so the choice of shampoo is very important. Many people ask the beauty editor which shampoo is good? After a long time of consideration, we will sort out the list of shampoo used by the beauty editor for your reference.

Personally, it is not recommended to wash your hair every day (for special cases, please follow the doctor's advice). Why? Because in fact, the oil secretion has its cycle. If you wash your hair every day, it may cause dry scalp and insufficient oil. At this time, the scalp will adjust itself and secrete more oil to protect it. Therefore, frequent cleaning, the shorter the cleaning interval, the faster the oil secretion, and the shorter the time You'll feel greasy inside and it's worse. Meibian hair is soft, thin, medium and oily. It is washed three times a week.

How to choose shampoo? First of all, you should choose the shampoo according to your own hair quality. For oily hair, you can choose the shampoo with weak alkalinity. For neutral or dry hair, you should choose the shampoo with weak acidity. The second is to choose according to the price you can accept.

5. High silk silicone free Shampoo Conditioner Set (500ml + 500ml)

Highlight: made by Gaosi with guaranteed quality. There are three colors. The one used by Meibian is actually green. It's vegetation. It's more in line with personal needs. It's not as smooth as other shampoos, but it's better after washing. The taste is not unique. Some people think it's like Fengyoujing. I think it's OK. But I'm afraid you can't get used to it, so Amway's is for you. It's floral and more acceptable.

4. Reveur silicone free shampoo (shampoo 340ml * 2, conditioner 340ml * 1)

Highlight: many people should have come here. Personal trial is pink, because the pink wash is silicone free. There are not many bubbles, but the cleaning force is enough. It's a little astringent when washing, but after the hair is dried, it's very smooth. I think the moisturizing effect is good after a period of time, so I recommend it.

3. Shiseido macherie Maxine nourishing Silky Shampoo

Highlight: Shiseido's brand has a good reputation, so the art editor has a try. The fragrance is good. After washing the scalp, it feels fresh. The hair is smooth. After blowing the hair, it will be fluffy, so it feels good. This kind of sister paper with dry hair can be considered.

2. American Wrigley Shampoo

Highlight: This product belongs to colleague Amway. She has less hair and grows slowly. This one can make the hair grow fast, just meet her needs. The use of the feeling is: the oil control effect is good, but the speed of the long general, but the characteristic is that after washing will be very fluffy, appear more hair, this is still relatively good. It's better to use it with conditioner, otherwise it may be slightly dry.

1. Bee flower Shampoo

Reason for recommendation: the most favorite thing for the old domestic beauty editor's mother is her hair conditioner. It's cheap and easy to use. Now its shampoo containing beer and ginger essence is also a great feature. It is also a product without silicone oil. It is good for use. It tastes good and smells good. It has no smell of ginger, and its hair is lighter and fluffy after use.