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Skills of checking and selling skin care products

If you want to be a successful salesman and sell your skin care products, you need some sales skills. The editor will tell you the skills of selling skin care products now. Come to see this article for details. How to sell skincare products?

1. We get more value for money for money: (1) rich nutrition; (2) easy to absorb, high quality and low price. If you buy cheap products, you can't solve the problem. Instead, you can induce skin diseases. If you go to the hospital for treatment, you'll not only spend more money, but also cause a series of mental diseases. If you pick up sesame seeds, you'll lose watermelon.

2. Some friends think that if they have money, they should buy more beautiful clothes. If the complexion is withered and yellow, and the complexion is very bad, no matter how beautiful the clothes are, they will not feel beautiful.

3. People rely on one face and the tree has a layer of skin. Some friends lose thousands of yuan on the mahjong table without blinking. But it's very difficult for her to buy skin care products, which puts the cart before the horse.

4. Only by making good use of skin care products, can our skin get enough heat preservation, maintenance and balanced nutrition, and can we fully display the natural beauty, youthful beauty and healthy beauty of our Oriental women.

Tip: good quality skin care products let us use at ease.

2、 What if the customer thinks the product is too cheap?

1. Skin care products are national products, so a lot of intermediate costs are reduced, such as tariff (the import tariff of skin care products is as high as 100-200, there are counter fees and advertising fees, so the price is lower.

2. Skin care products have many consumers, and the annual production plate is large, which also reduces the production cost and the price is low.

3. We consumers benefit from high quality and low price.

3、 What should customers do if they don't like the packaging?

1. Distinguish whether the other party thinks that the packaging quality is not good or thinks that the product packaging is not good because of different aesthetic values.

2. If the packaging quality is not good, tell her: there are some basic standards to measure the quality of product packaging, such as material, printing, bar code, etc. High grade materials will inevitably increase the cost. It can be said that wool comes from sheep. What we buy is products, and what we pay attention to is product quality.

3. If the customer doesn't like the design style and says that the packaging is not good, tell her: the series of skin care products, with elegant and clean design style, show the quality of Song Zhen's plain and sincere feelings.

4、 What if the customer thinks the product smells bad?

1. The smell you smell now is the original smell of her natural raw material. You may not be used to it. If you don't have this smell, you may not have this natural raw material.

2. choose skin care products instead of perfume. Perfume focuses on flavor, while skin care products are mainly about quality and skin care. .

5、 What if the customer thinks the product is made in China?

1. Domestic products are more targeted. The skin texture of European and American people is different from that of Asian people, and the skin texture of Asian people is not exactly the same. For example, the cortex of foreigners is thick, and the effect of using fruit acid is very good, but the skin of Chinese people is generally thin, so some people will have allergic reactions after using it, and it is impossible for European and American countries to find more Asian people to do skin tests.

2. What suits you is the best. Our skincare series, verified by thousands of consumers, can really bring moisturizing, maintenance and balanced nutrition to the skin.

3. Encountering resale: many raw materials of skin care products are sold at home. They are made into semi-finished products in foreign countries. The finished products in China are packaged and labeled with foreign labels, and the prices go up.

4. pine pollen essence: pure natural, rich nutrition, easy to absorb, cheap and fine.

6、 How to deal with too much trouble for customers?

1. The combination of products and products may only have 1 times the efficacy, if used in a complete set, it will have 2 times the efficacy. What we need to change is our ideas and habits.

2. To say the least, it doesn't conflict with other products. First introduce her 1-2 products, then follow up, let her gradually accept all the products and become the lifelong beneficiary of the products.

7、 What should customers do if they don't have nursing service?

1. Do not care, need to be reasonable. Many white-collar workers usually have no time to go to the beauty salon and spend 2 hours. They take care of themselves at home, the simpler the better.

2. homemade formula: pine pollen 1/3+ mask 2/3= is simple and effective.

3. Provide nursing activities at home or in a franchise store.

8、 What should customers do if they don't have matching cosmetics?

1. Nursing is the foundation. The quality of the skin texture is the key. If the skin is white and red, it's just a little more lipstick.

2. If you want to make up frequently, you can choose other brands of make-up products. Skin care products and cosmetics are two aspects of beauty, and the products used can be two different series.

The second part is to find the right selling point

Five principles

Principle 1 - confidants:

1. Emphasize the differences of series products (characteristics, price, added value, selling point? Advantage? Quality? Technology content?)

2. Business model: affordable, long-term use, the more used, the cheaper.

3. I must be the user and beneficiary of the product.

Principle 2 - know the other:

The other party's age, occupation, skin condition, consumption concept, economic status, etc. should be aware of the consumer's consumption psychology, whether to buy at their own expense or at public expense.

Principle 3 - manufacturing requirements:

1. The power of example, to illustrate the example of keeping the spring around her.

2. Insufficient emphasis: skin color, texture, elasticity and cleanliness.

3. Men's beauty: to make their image younger, better, more elegant, active maintenance, care is also the best way.

4. Negative information: if you don't care now, your skin will be more relaxed, wrinkles will be deeper, bags under your eyes will be bigger, your skin will be less shiny, and so on.

5. Delaying aging is everyone's pursuit!

Principle 4 - meeting needs

Combine the functions and advantages of the product with the opposite disadvantages, and do a good job in after-sales service.

Principle 5 - correct guidance

1. Scientific use method: time, step, nursing method.

2. It takes time for skin improvement: it takes 90 days to nourish the demon. It doesn't take a coup overnight. It takes time and endurance.

3. Pay attention to the comprehensive maintenance of the face for the five internal organs. Firmly establish the concept of internal and external use. Such as ① exercise, ② sleep, ③ balanced nutrition, ④ pleasant mood, ③ smoking cessation and alcohol restriction, etc.

Sales strategy

About 20 years old: poor consumption ability, fast metabolism, acne.

30-40 years old: want to make money, want to change the aging skin.

People aged 40-50: they have strong consumption ability, some of them can be consumed with public funds, and using a series of skin care products is safer and more economical than taking injections to remove wrinkles, so as to delay aging.

People over the age of 50: they hope to regain their youth and delay their aging. How to make their 0-year-old body look like 40 or 50 years old? Maintenance is the key.

The third part

Cosmetics sales proposition: customers can buy a product, they can buy a set of products.

The answer you give the client is the final answer.

Beauty proposition: there are no ugly women, only women who can't dress up

Natural beauty cannot last.

Dress up so that people can't see the trace of dress up. Can you make money by doing this?

--We are after quality, not quantity.

2. Why don't you advertise?

--What we pursue is the effect, not the situation, and let the customers experience the cost saved.

3. Why don't you go to the mall counter?

--Washing face is also a kind of enjoyment. The counter in a big shopping mall can't provide customers with a quiet and healthy beauty environment and after-sales service.

4. I'm old. What else can I do?

--Wash your face not to be beautiful, but to look more energetic.

5. Why is my face still like this after I have washed it for so long?

--Beauty can only delay aging, but it can't stop aging; maintaining the status quo and delaying aging is our success.

6. I'm very busy every day and I don't have time to care.

--Time is squeezed out. No matter how busy you are, be kind to yourself.

7. When you stand in front of the counter and don't know how to choose products, you should first choose after-sales service.

--Why products occupy the market, because it has perfect after-sales service.

8. When you buy products in exclusive stores, you can be assured of buying and using, and strictly prevent fake and shoddy products.

--We are in the form of a franchise store to open the studio, there will be no shoddy products.

9. I used a lot of products have no effect, with your, will the effect?

--Here, our professional beauticians choose skin care products for you according to your skin, which will have obvious effect on your face.

10. I don't have the money to care for my skin.

--Everything can be changed in a woman's life. Only her face can't be changed. She can design skin care and consumption plans.

Language art of beautician

A charming person, in addition to her internal quality and external appearance can be expressed, language is also one of the very important factors. Beauticians are the shapers of beauty, so the use of language is particularly important.

An excellent beautician should not only pay attention to the content, but also improve the quality of language expression, so as to form a professional language unique to beauticians.