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Make up cosmetics brands in South Korea

Many girls will use some Korean cosmetics, but which Korean cosmetics brands are good? Below the editor to introduce the Korean cosmetics brand, hope to be useful to you!

Korean cosmetics brand 1. Hera / Hera

It is the top brand of Amori group in South Korea, and the price is relatively high. Lanzhi and she are from the same company in China, but Lanzhi is a second-line brand. Hera is suitable for 30 +, or 25 + mm with economic strength

Recommended item: Hera air cushion BB Cream

Hera UV multi-function sunscreen moisturizing air cushion powder BB cream is Korea's highest popularity powder, the high-end positioning of makeup giant. Hera, IOPE and Laneige belong to the famous brand of the Pacific Emory group (the group's famous brand also has snowflake show, Han Lu, Yue poetry, Etude, Mamonde and so on). IOPE, which has been losing popularity recently, is positioned one level higher than Lanzhi. There is no doubt that IOPE is superior to Lanzhi in all aspects of technical foundation. However, Hera is in short supply recently, and the major duty-free shops are limited in sales (each passport can only buy 6 in a month), with the functions of isolation, moisturizing, cleaning, etc Hera / Hera, which has five functions of sunscreen, whitening and soothing, has always been regarded as a high-end position by Amori group. Its grade is higher than that of IOPE. That's why Hera's price is higher than that of IOPE. Mm can rest assured about Hera's technical foundation Strong SPF, used IOPE mm certainly know, Hera's SPF is not inferior to IOPE. This one is always out of stock.

Korean cosmetics brand 2. Aili / Etude

The two brands of Aili and Aili cottage are different, so let's explain.

1. All belong to the Ariel Etude brand of Amori Pacific, which is the products with different ideas under the same Ariel brand.

2. The products of Alice Etude brand can only be bought in cosmetics stores (for example, olive young, Watsons and other cosmetics stores in Korea), while the products of Alice hut Etude house can only be bought in Alice hut stores. So it can be said that they operate and manage separately.

3. Some buyers asked why the lip gloss I wanted to buy didn't have a box, and insisted on explaining that there were boxes in domestic stores. I have to explain that the lip gloss (non lipstick) sold in Etude is without a box (according to my experience in purchasing the store), and I bought the ETUDE lip tape box in OliveYoung. But they are two different lip gloss! That is to say, their designs or contents are very similar, but their models or themes are different. For example, the dear darling glass in the shop belongs to Allie's cabin, while the glassade shown below is Allie's product, which was purchased by the owner in olive young cosmetics store.

4. Both Ariel and Ariel house well reflect the fashionable, young and sweet theme pursued by Etude brand. In particular, the Aili cottage, which was launched at the end of 2005, has a exclusive shop decorated like princess's house, and every product can be applied as you like, feeling like your own cottage. Therefore, according to the current situation, the Aili cottage is more popular with most young people.

Recommended item: Allie house double head automatic eyebrow pencil

Very simple packaging, nothing. The long one. It feels good to hold it. Edie's house eye color natural eyebrow pencil, natural ingredients, natural coloring, natural ingredients, soft texture, reduce skin irritation, natural coloring

3.3concepteyes (3ce), a Korean cosmetics brand

3ce is a beauty brand launched by stylenanda in January 2009. It quickly became popular in South Korea, and now it has been promoted to the first 3concepteyes in Taiwan. 3ce's make-up CP is super high, with blush, primer, eye shadow, eyeliner and so on.

3concepteyes (3ce), a super red make-up brand of stylenanda, is popular with the cherry blossom lip makeup of Yin Enhui in the popular Korean drama miss you. 3ce makes you find yourself in the cute, light and mature lines.

Recommended single product: 3CE STYLENANDA rose red lipstick

Rose red lipstick nanda402 wants you Yun Eunhea lipstick. A total of no less than 20 colors, pink, gorgeous have. There are also pearlescent and matte. Generally speaking, they are clean, soft, good quality and durable. All kinds of colors are too cute to be put down~

Korean cosmetics brand 4. Mysha

Misssha puzzle is a brand of able C Co., Ltd., one of the three major cosmetics groups in South Korea. Its products have always been sought after by Korean women, and also loved and supported by Korean stars.

It is not recommended to buy: anti clockwise whitening series (essence) is what Neel recommended most in women. It is Korean open shelf but what is C60 invented by Nobel? The price is not cheap, a bottle down more than 300, but it is very difficult to use. It is very difficult to use. It is simply bought by a flicker. It is very oily and oily, and it does not absorb the face. It will also be red. It may be too stimulating. The Yogurt Mask peach and kiwi fruit are very stimulating.

The recommended BB cream is not that I said, especially the red that Concealer is very strong for mm with bad skin. BB Cream special make-up remover (red bottle) is very mild and good. It's very convenient to exfoliate the feet with the foot grinding stone. The taste of nail wash is not irritating. Nail polish is excellent.

Recommended item: mishsha mystery red BB Cream

I like riddles for many years. The BB cream that I first came into contact with was his home. I've loved you since.

Natural color: Asian skin, most of which are yellowish, is particularly important for the color selection of BB cream. It can blend with yellowish skin, leaving the skin dark yellow, showing a natural and healthy complexion!

21 ᦇ bright skin color: the natural skin color is whiter than mm, so there is a lot of choice. It is suggested to choose 21 ᦇ to make your skin color more delicate and tender.