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Ten ways to fight against senility

How to fight against aging? Methods 1. Anti aging food

Diet to a large extent determines your health. A reasonable diet is not only good for your health, but also good for delaying aging. The study found that in normal days, some women who often eat anti-aging food are 3 to 5 years old more evenly than those who do not. There are also great differences in skin and physical well-being. What can you eat to resist aging? In fact, there are many in ordinary life, such as onions, fish, carrots, soybeans, broccoli, tomatoes, apples, blueberries, corn and so on, so reasonable diet in a long time is conducive to whitening and anti aging women.

How to fight against aging? Method 2. Anti aging exercise

We all know that sports are good for health, so as for women's whitening and anti aging, sports have the same effect that can't be ignored. Female friends in their spare time to do some anti aging sports about whitening anti aging effect is very good. Anti aging sports for women, usually do not need too much exercise, such as running, general aerobics, yoga and so on are very useful. Just try. Especially on the rest day, it's very good for the whole family to have a sports meeting together.

How to fight against aging? Method 3. Healthy daily habits are also very important

As for women, having a good day habit is better than anything else. Because of some reasons, female friends pay more attention to ordinary days, so outstanding daily habits are very important. Regular living and timely maintenance are all necessary. Smoking and staying up late are the enemies of women's anti-aging. Therefore, we should cultivate good daily habits.

How to fight against aging? Method four: stick to the concept of emotion

As the saying goes, "smile for ten years", research shows that laughing often and persisting in excited mood can increase the number of anti infection cells and anti-cancer cells by 25%. Adhere to the daily mood, good mood, skin color natural up, the body will be more well-being, let people feel that will always be young.

How to fight against aging? The fresher the food, the better

The less processing of natural food, the less nutrient loss. Do not cook food for too long. Try to keep it fresh. Eat more fruits and vegetables with rich vitamin content, and adhere to skin nutrient requirements. Female friends need 800 grams of calcium every day, and advocate that female friends often eat milk, tofu, seafood and other foods to make up for calcium and delay aging.

How to fight against aging? Method 6 whitening + maintenance

The combination of whitening skin can reduce the composition of skin melanin as much as possible. In the daytime, the skin is affected by sunshine, radiation and so on. In the evening, the skin care work must be done well, which is a very good correction for the damaged skin.

How to fight against aging? Method 7: do not drink or smoke

Smoking is definitely a killer action for sticking to perfect skin. Excessive smoking will break collagen and elastin. Of course, drinking alcohol is also the killer of the skin. More than one glass of alcohol can accelerate blood activity, and the action of drinking alcohol for a long time will cause the skin to relax. Also, eating too much sugar is not good for your skin. Of course, it does not mean that your waistline will be added. Excessive sugar will have a negative impact on your skin.

How to fight against aging? Method 8. Antioxidation

Green tea, pomegranate and coenzyme Q10 all have certain antioxidant effects. If you don't want your skin to be prematurely aging, you can choose some antioxidant products with good effect and reputation.

How to fight against aging? Method 9. Sunscreen

No matter what age of female friends, sunscreen is a necessary skin care project. In a normal day, you should at least change the sunscreen with a sun protection factor of more than 30, so as to provide basic maintenance for your skin. Long term exposure to the sun will accelerate the aging of the skin, so if you want to do a good job in anti aging work, it is necessary to do a good job in sunscreen.

How to fight against aging? Method 10. Regular facial skin maintenance

But modern people's work is more and more busy. They usually only do some basic maintenance and cleaning work. Then don't forget to do deep cleansing work regularly. Often do mask cleaning and care, can adhere to pore cleaning, avoid bacterial infection, shorten the pores. When you wash your face, you must cooperate with the massage method. After cleansing, you need to do some water blocking facial mask.

How to anti-aging and introduce ten anti-aging methods? Through the above introduction, I believe you have a certain understanding. Here, we need to remind you that you need to keep enough sleep, so as to ensure that our skin will not grow old and rough, and it is also conducive to delaying aging.

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