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Check the binary palace of female stars

In the entertainment circle, it should be a very common thing for a female star to join a powerful family. Joining a powerful family can not be as hard-working as shooting, but also enjoy a rich and quiet life. This is almost the view of every female star joining a powerful family. However, things are changing, and some female stars marry into a powerful family, because of some things, we will check those marriages The stars who enter the world and come back again.

46 year old Zhou Huimin returns to support his family

At that time, Zhou Huimin, the "head of the jade lady", announced that she was going out of the entertainment circle when she was the most popular, and it was rumored that the reason for her retirement was to be the woman behind Ni Zhen. But more than a decade after fading out of the big screen, Zhou Huimin, 46, has returned to support her family. It is said that the planned three concerts were cancelled because of the bad expectation, so we can only play the new film of nine swords. It's always a sense of humbleness and contentment to play such a film again at this age. Zhou Huimin is busy working and making money, while Ni Zhen is happy and relaxed, which makes people wonder whether there is any problem in their relationship.

Wen Bixia: the third level film is dedicated to art

In 2000, Wen Bixia and he Zuguang, a wealthy businessman in Hong Kong, held a wedding in Thailand. Since her marriage, Wen Bixia has faded out of public view and retired to become a good and gentle wife. At the beginning, she rarely appeared in the film, but after a few years, she began to show more. In 2012, Wen Bixia suddenly announced that she would return to play in the third level film. According to the media, it's because her husband is bankrupt and needs her to earn money to support her family. Naturally, the salary for making the third level films will be much higher. To this end, Wen Bixia strongly denied that, "my idea at that time was to sacrifice for art, but I didn't expect that this play would affect other people's views on me. '

Liu Tao: husband and wife in need, making money to solve the crisis

Liu Tao, who has made a lot of fire with "Storage Tips", vowed to quit the entertainment circle at his wedding in 2008. However, since April 2010, she has been taking on TV series, advertising, commercial platforms and other work frequently. In addition, her husband Wang Ke's business is not smooth in recent years, and she has been involved in six lawsuits in a row. It is speculated that her comeback is to relieve her husband's economic pressure. Although Liu Tao has always stressed that he just likes acting very much, he has to quit in a high-profile way and come back in an all-round way, and the rich young grandma has to work hard to earn milk powder money.

Wang Yan: it's also for her son to come back

In 2000, Wang Yan gave up her performing career and chose to have a baby. Wang Yan's husband, Wang Zhicai, is a well-known real estate tycoon in the circle. Most people didn't expect her to marry so well before a household magazine announced that Wang Yan's hundreds of millions of mansions near the Forbidden City. Wang Yan, who has given birth to children in recent years, has become a full-time wife and occasionally insists on pursuing her career. 'I'm worried that as a full-time mother, she will be divorced from the society, and her son doesn't want to be a friend with me. '