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Star bridal makeup demonstration the most beautiful star bridal makeup inventory competition

In 2011, more and more female stars have found their beloved partners, which makes people envious. Since the beginning of this year, many female stars seem to have negotiated and married together. Among them, there are those who want to get married in a low profile, those who want to get married in a high profile, those who want to get married in a flash like Zhang Yuqi's anger, those who want to get married like Liu Ruoying's milk tea, those who are always as sweet as fan weiqi, those who want to make people suddenly like Mo Wenwei, those who want to get married like Xie Na, and those who are shocked like CoCo Lee What's more, the well-designed hairstyle and make-up in the wedding are the hot spots for brides to imitate. Today, I'd like to make an inventory of the make-up and hair matching of 2011 married female stars. Give you a demonstration!

Sun Li's bridal make-up is always elegant and kind. Beautiful makeup, clear big eyes, coral lip gloss, thick eyelashes, soft light on both cheeks, attracting eyeballs and soul searching.

The wedding photo of the big S is not specially modified, but it only dilute the color of the eyebrows, making it appear light brown, with black eyeliner and eyelashes, highlighting the charm of the eye, but not deliberately exaggerating, and the bottom makeup is only light like nude make-up, maintaining the consistent natural wind.

The bride's shape is quite sweet, her makeup is delicate and clear, and she doesn't choose curly hair in her hairstyle. Instead, she drifts away at will. In the choice of the veil is quite particular, super huge veil array propped up her whole bride shape.

Coco Lee, to carry her sexy hot breeze to the end! High eyebrows and ancient bronze makeup colors, collocation of brown reddish eye shadow, and meat pink lip gloss, create a bride with oriental charm.

Chen Shu, who got married in Bali, mainly put her make-up on her eyes. The deep eye makeup is not overly exaggerated. The eyeliner is slightly elongated, full of red lips and a fluffy hair with a special weight. It is full of femininity.

Cherrie Ying and Jordan Chan are in the sweet wedding photo. Two people pose high difficulty posing, Cherrie Ying short hair collocation with white veil, thick black eyeliner, make a pair of eyes more divine, naked color lip makeup is more elegant.

In the photo, fan fan and black people continue to enjoy the sweetness of "black and white matching". Apart from the brown eyebrows and eyelashes of hair color, the makeup on her face is not too much modified. However, she is angry, and her smile just confirms that love is a woman's best cosmetics. Christine Fan's bride makeup is very atmospheric, the carefully crafted eyeliner, with the curled and long eyelashes, makes the bride's eyes more attractive. The orange blush is in the zygomatic position, and is harmonious with the pink and tender lipstick.

Regardless of whether Zhang Yuqi was married or angry, the overall makeup was still full of Queen's domineering, the air field was no bigger than the big one, and the makeup was different from the big one, and no intention was made to create the snow-white skin, but there were more shadows, faint orange blush, nude lipstick, and a full three-dimensional makeup collocation with rolled volumes of bangs, emitting the smell of the Korean bride. Karen looks like a princess, pure and dreamy. The simple middle hair is not wrapped up by the headdress, which is fashionable and beautiful. The long false eyelashes on the side make the eyes more charming.