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wonderful flower! Female chimpanzee in zoo became addicted to smoking after her spouse died

Men will smoke when they are upset and when they are depressed. Men will still smoke when they are lovelorn. But don't think it's only a man's privilege to borrow cigarettes to relieve their worries. In fact, animals will also smoke. It is reported that a female orangutan in Xi'an wildlife park became addicted to smoking because her spouse died.

In 2005, a female chimpanzee named Ai Ai in Xi'an Qinling wildlife park lost her husband 16 years ago. She was depressed and became addicted to smoking. In 1997, her late husband, who had been with her for seven years, died of illness. In addition, a child was married to Shenyang, and a child died. As a result, Ai Ai Ai became more and more addicted to smoking in loneliness.

It seems that 'taking advantage of cigarettes to relieve anxiety' is no longer a unique hobby of human beings & hellip; & hellip;