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British photographer seagulls snatch food with fierce action and sharp eyes

According to the daily mail of July 21, a series of incidents have occurred in the British seaside recently, which have killed Yorkshire Terriers and pet turtles. To this end, British Prime Minister David Cameron decided to take some measures to stop the aggressive behavior of crazy seagulls.

How powerful are these gulls? Just look at the photos of seagulls captured by photographers in North Yorkshire, recklessly, rushing to grab lunch for tourists on the beach. The photos were taken by Alex Newsome, 24, who was attacked by seagulls in an attempt to snatch his chips. He put the camera on a tripod with chips in his hand, and within seconds the gull swooped down and attacked his camera, sweeping his face with its wings. The photo shows the seagull flapping its wings and opening its mouth, its eyes firmly diving down to attack the camera.

It is understood that the photos are strikingly similar to the scenes in the 1963 thriller the birds, directed by Alfred Hitchcock. The film tells the story of a small town in California, the United States, which is besieged by birds one after another.