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A 49 year old woman holds her breath for 120 seconds to swim with sperm whales. It is very rare for

Sabrina belloni, a 49 year old woman, dived into the Caribbean Sea 50 feet (about 15 meters) deep in an unarmed dive and had intimate contact with a group of sperm whales for more than two minutes. Franco Banfi, a professional Swiss underwater photographer who dived with him, recorded wonderful pictures of human whales swimming together.

Unarmed diving is a kind of free diving without wearing any breathing equipment. After holding her breath for more than two minutes, Ms. beloni, 49, met a group of seven sperm whales. She slowly swam to a female sperm whale with her young to learn how to hunt and swim with her in the sea. Despite the discovery of beloni around her, the female does not seem to resist, and she is glad to join them. Beside this huge ocean beast like a bus, beloni looks very small.

Photographer Benfield, who recorded the images, said it was a rare experience for humans to swim underwater with whales. Diving without equipment seems to win the favor of this marine animal without making noise to scare whales. But diving like this requires professional training and permission.