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It's lovely to have a loyal dog waiting for the owner's grave

A rare loyal dog has appeared in Chennai, in southern India. After his master's sudden death, he stayed by his master's tomb for two weeks without eating or drinking. His loyalty to the LORD was impressive.

Bhaskar Shri, 18, died in a car accident not long ago. His dog, Tommy, was next to his grave, eating and drinking in the hot sun, whining for 15 days.

Mr. srivan, a construction worker, adopted Tommy five years ago and has been a dog since. On August 2 this year, Shi Li died in a car accident. Tommy knew that his master had left him, but he refused to leave the place where he buried his bones.

Witness Williams said the dog appeared to be suffering. When she approached Tommy, the dog's eyes were still in tears. Williams said that Tommy looked hungry. She gave him water and biscuits, but Tommy refused. Later, when she asked the local people if she had seen the dog, she learned about its tragic life experience. Williams finally found SLIE's mother. When Tommy saw the owner's mother, he jumped up to her and licked her face.