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The award-winning animal photography animals are sometimes elegant

This photo of a grey goose, shot by photographer RI akaster in London, won this year's prize, and the judges of the competition praised its' extraordinary 'influence

This stunning picture of an otter successfully catching a hapless puffin was taken by Richard shukesmith in the Shetland Islands. It won the first prize in animal behavior

The pair of great green sharks, photographed by Alexander mastard underwater in Cornwall, are apparently dancing. This photo is a winner in the coastal and marine categories

This beautiful picture overlooking a rock occupied by nesting herring won the first prize in the habitat category, which was taken by photographer Ruth Arthur in the Shetland Islands

A wandering fox, photographed by Joshua Borch in South London, won the first prize in the 12-18-year-old British youth wildlife photography category

A recent picture of a mosquito crouching in a window, taken by Sushi Hewitt in Antrim County, won the first prize for 'hidden British species'.