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Some strange looking animals with human teeth

you may think that you have seen amazing species all over the world through various programs and magazines, but in fact, there are many wonders in the world, and the existing miracles are far beyond your imagination. Even if you are a hard-working animal lover, you can't expect to recognize the current 1367555 non insect animal species! In addition, new animal species may be found when you read this text, so there will always be some new surprises waiting for us to find out somewhere. Four seas anecdote small make up take you to see next 10 kinds of appearance 'wonderful flower' biology.

The round, chubby, and oddly tentacled creature is a close relative of sea cucumbers, which live on the deep seabed (usually more than 1000 meters deep) and push food into their mouths with their tentacles.

Red lipped batfish: Oh, my God, this sexy red lip is a shock to the human tiger!

Glaucus Atlantic, also known as the blue dragon, lives in tropical waters and floats on the water by stomach air bags. Little Ryukyu once appeared!

it's found in the Arctic that food on Inuit's table for thousands of years! (over orz) they're sensitive to the change of environment! PS: the single horn is actually a tooth. Why these horned cicadas, umbonia spinosa, grow so strangely, are still a mystery.

Venezuelan poodle moth was found in Venezuela in 2009. There is no more information. Does the furry dog look like a poodle? But the first picture clearly looks like an antelope? It's the only witness of the earth's 12.5 billion year history. It lives in a water area less than 100 meters away from human survival. It has a long history to call it by elves.