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How to draw Barbie make up to be a lovely lady

How to draw Barbie make-up? How to make Barbie make-up a lovely lady? How to draw Barbie doll make-up? Sweet and lovely make-up has always been a popular trend. Kawaii's Barbie make-up is recommended by Sihai women's Xiaobian to make you more interesting in this dull autumn and winter.

The eye is the focus of Bobbi's makeup. The color of the eye shadow needs dark color. It also needs to be full of feeling. The upper and lower eyelashes must be deep and dense. Only in this way can the attractive and big eyes of Bobbi doll be deep and three-dimensional.

Charming Kawaii Barbie doll. Eye shadow is mainly composed of pink. It has a sense of hierarchy. The eyelash is not exaggerated. It highlights the feeling of youth and garden. In terms of lip color, don't use too many colors. It's light. Tie up your long hair and put on a white hat full of flowers, just like a flower fairy.

Japanese Barbie doll make-up, golden hair is one of the characteristics of Barbie doll, Kawaii Barbie doll of course, there is no lack of pink lips oh.

From the makeup point of view, the color is more plain, you can light color department of color to highlight eye makeup.

Brush honey powder with a brush, which is thin and transparent. If you use powder puff, it will cover up the sense of transparency. Use crystal bright honey powder, with pearlescent feeling. Finally, with the peach red blush, you are like the shining skin of Princess Bobbi.

From the eye liner to the eye shadow and eyelash are more colorful, with the pink series as the theme, set off a super Kawai's Bow Hat, like Bobbi doll walking out of the fairy tale forest.

White flawless skin, white red face, remember the skin can not be dead white, white and bright oh.

This Barbie make-up is charming and lovely. The eye makeup is smoked and the eyes are enlarged. The eye tail is linked to the upper eye shadow so that the eyes will become longer. Eyes up the feeling, like a coquettish singer, but blurred eyes and add a bit of lovely femininity.

An elegant Kawaii Barbie doll. Eye is the window of human inner world, so the painting of eyeliner is also very important. Using eyeliner to stick the eyelash painting, remember to do it one step at a time, do not modify it many times. There are also nude make-up, elegant and soft foundation, golden eye shadow and pink lips. An elegant Kawaii Barbie doll will come out.

Have you learned how to draw Barbie make-up? How to make Barbie make-up a lovely lady? How to draw Barbie make-up? women's make-up channel offers more articles on Lady make-up to teach you how to be a lady!