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How to paint lady makeup to show temperament?

How to draw a lady makeup and show her temperament? Xiaobian, this is how to paint a lady's makeup with you. The beautiful makeup of the little charm, the bottom makeup is also more refined. The same foundation can have different effects. The key is that you choose the tools that you use to apply foundation. No, CPB's foundation is said to be very naked by many people, but collocation with MUS's flat foundation brush H03, the concealer is greatly improved.

Use the way to evenly spread the foundation, macarons, makeup liquid, foundation powder + honey powder + foundation solution + honey powder until you get the concealer of your satisfaction. There will be no embarrassment and no heavy feeling of the concealer and the foundation color.

Don't forget to join the corners of your mouth, face and neck. Oh, it's easy to brush with a brush. So you need to press the sponge gently.

Using a brightening pen, proper brightening and finishing is essential! It is also used to press evenly with sponge~

In order to make the eye shadow more accurate, use benefit lemon base cream! Eye foundation. Choose CPB's monochromatic Eyeshadow 103 to make the background color, dip it with medium eye shadow brush. The outline shadow color is the upper left of dior508 ~ this color really shows color! Even the eyebrows in the back are drawn with it!!!

Dip your fingers in the bright color on the upper right side, and point it in the eyeball protuberance. Use the brush of COFFRET D'OR gold glittering eye liner. In order to match the theme of pink and orange, eye heads and lower eye shadows use CPB203's left one and two mixture ~ ~

Eyelashes with good thick good thick good thick Maybelline yellow fat add a layer ~ this time to the electric eyelash device on stage!!

Dior's lip balm is too tender to match with the little charm. It's just like Clinique's sunshine little fat ~ ~ ~ the orange is so beautiful and attractive. There are four colored blushes with wood?? JILLSTUART? 05~ with the two on the right, pink orange, pink orange.

Be accomplished! Cheek is good to show color, there is a wood.? unlike previous makeup, the charm makeup does not need to smile in the arc, but rather slightly pouting, brush'7'font ~ ~