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Inventory of the world's weirdest bazaar: buying and selling wives is normal

Mogila, Bulgaria: dressed girls are waiting for the right person to buy them at the bride market. In the bride fair in Bulgaria, many young women will be dressed up, hoping to meet someone who can buy them in the market.

Of course, I will marry him after I buy it. In old Zagola, a young girl is usually worth only a few thousand euros.

In Afghanistan, birds have been kept as pets for a long time. In its capital, Kabul, there is a market for bird lovers. Chirp here, so you can only hear the chirp of the birds after you come to this place. The owners of these shops usually make a living by selling these birds, while the other young people and children just want to have fun.

In South America, La Paz, known as the tallest city in the world, has an extremely strange market. The street is full of witches, astrologers, fortune tellers, witches and so on. The market is full of things such as dried toads, owl feathers, amulets and so on.

Every household in the market hangs a dry camel fetus at the door, which they think will bring good luck.

If you want to buy moose skin, frog bones, or fist sized beetles, where would you buy them? If you are Parisian, you must know that there is such a place: deyrolle. This store, deyrolle, should be the first and second weirdness in the world.

It was founded in 1831 by Emile deyrolle, an entomologist. Since then, many people have visited the store, including young scholars and collectors.

When you step on the threshold of the store, all kinds of butterflies, rabbits, foxes & hellip; & hellip; will come into view. It's also worth mentioning that the larger animal specimens were dressed in human clothes.

Freitag is a company that produces popular bags. The bags produced by Freitag are not only fashionable and beautiful in appearance, but also have one feature: those bags will use recycled materials. In 2006, the company built a shopping mall out of 17 rusty containers.

In 2007, in the warehouse of Freitag. Freitag backpacks, wallets and sleeves designed by Swiss Freitag company are made of tarred tarpaulin used in container truck compartment. Freitag backpack any two backpacks are different.

A woman is rowing a boat to sell a variety of nice local cool hats at dannen sado water market. In Thailand, there is a small town on the canal, tha Kha. In this unique city, there is a unique market - water market.

Thai women are rowing boats carrying fruit. In this market, people transport goods by boat every day and do business on the ship. Every year, many tourists come here for sightseeing.

In West Africa, there is a market where you can't buy common vegetables and fruits.

This is because it only sells the organs of elephant feet, leopard heads, orangutan hands, horse hearts and other animals. These organs can be used for drinking wine and shaving skin. It is said that they can cure many kinds of diseases.