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Top 100 celebrities in human history: China's Confucius ranked fifth

Michael Hart, an American physicist, once wrote a book called "the list of 100 people who influence the course of human history". In this book, Mike selects 100 people from various angles, of course, mainly from the perspective of influence. There are politicians, scientists, religious people and so on. After its first publication in 1978, it caused a lot of controversy.

This is not surprising. Some people think that this cow is a little bit better, while others think the other one is better. It's hard to say what you want. And as time goes by, the author himself feels that some of the rankings need to be changed (maybe to make royalties!). As a result, a new ranking came to 1991. There are ups and downs in this ranking. Here, I would like to introduce one or two points.

None of the top three has changed. The first is Muhammad

Muhammad is the founder of Islam, and his followers are all over the world.

The second place was Newton

Newton was a master of science and the founder of modern science.

The third is Jesus

Jesus knows it all. But why is Muhammad ahead of Jesus? The author thinks there are two reasons. First, Muhammad played a great role in the establishment and development of Islam. Jesus played an important role in the founding of Christianity, but its development still depended on some disciples, such as the Saint Paul (who was also in the top ten). In addition, Muhammad is not only a religious leader, but also a secular leader. So he has the greatest impact on the world.

Well, who is the top Chinese?

The fourth was Sakyamuni

The fifth Confucius

Confucius teacher's Confucianism has deeply influenced China and Asia for more than 2000 years, and his ranking is worthy of his name.

In the first edition, Confucius ranked fourth. In the second version, one bit was dropped and the fourth place was replaced by Sakyamuni

It is understandable that Buddhism is indeed more extensive than Confucianism in terms of its influence. Especially in China, Confucianism and Buddhism have been integrated to a great extent.

No.7 Cai Lun

In addition to Confucius, Cai Lun, the seventh most advanced Chinese.

The importance of papermaking invented by Cai Lun to the spread of culture is of course ineffable.

17th Qin Shihuang

There is also Qin Shihuang, who ranks 17th.

The first emperor ruled the country, making China an inseparable whole politically and culturally. But it did a lot of wrong things. Generally speaking, it is the crime in the present age and the meritorious service in the future.

29th Genghis Khan

Tiemuzhen (31 may 1162-25 August 1227) was a Khan of the Mongol Empire with the honorific name of 'ghingis Khan', which means' owning all directions of the sea '. Outstanding statesman and strategist in world history.

The 73rd Laozi

Lao Tzu, surnamed Li, was named Er, and his name was Bi, or Shi Boyang. Huaxia nationality, born in qurenli, Li Township, Ku County, Chu state, lived between 571 and 471 BC. He was a great philosopher and thinker in ancient China and the founder of Taoist school. He was regarded as the ancestor of Li surname by the emperors of Tang Dynasty.

85th Emperor Wen of Sui Dynasty

Yang Jian, Emperor Wen of Sui Dynasty, was the founding emperor of Sui Dynasty. During Yang Jian's reign, he conquered the state of Chen militarily, successfully unified China which had been seriously divided for hundreds of years, defeated Turks, and was honored as "Saint Khan"; in terms of internal affairs, he created an advanced system of selecting officials, developed cultural economy, and made China a prosperous country. During the reign of kaihuang, the Sui Dynasty had a vast territory with a population of more than 7 million, which was a glorious period of Chinese agricultural civilization.

89th Mao Zedong

Now, let's talk about Chairman Mao.

In the first edition, Chairman Mao ranked 20. He had a great influence on the establishment and construction of new China. Even around the world, he has a high reputation.

But in the second version, Chairman Mao's ranking dropped to 89. Why is that?

This may be due to changes in society. In 1978, Chairman Mao's influence was far-reaching. However, with the social changes, especially after the reform and opening up, Chairman Mao's thoughts are not as great as before. This led to a decline in Chairman Mao's ranking in the 1991 edition.

Another rapid decline was Lenin, who dropped from 15th to 84th.

Finally, the latest version of 100 celebrities is attached:

1. Muhammad 2, Newton 3, Jesus 4, Sakyamuni 5, Confucius 6, Paul 7, Cai Lun 8, Gutenberg 9, Columbus 10, Einstein 11, Pasteur 12, Galileo 13, Aristotle 14, Euclid 15, Moses 16, Darwin 17, Qin Shihuang 18, Augustus 19, Copernicus 20, lavasti 21, Constantine the great 22, Watt 23, Michael & middot; Faraday 24, Maxwell 25, Martin Luther 26, George Washington 27, Karl Marx..

28. Wright brothers 29, Genghis Khan 30, Adam Smith 31, William Shakespeare 32, John Dalton 33, Alexander the great 34, Napoleon Bonaparte 35, Thomas Edison 36, levinhock 37, William & middot; Toms & middot; Green & middot; Morton 38, Marconi 39, Hitler 40, Plato 41, Cromwell 42, Alexander Bell 43, Alexander Fleming 44, Locke 45, Beethoven 46, Heisenberg 47, Louis & middot; Jacques & middot; Munde & middot; Daguerre 48, Simon & middot; Bolivar 49, Descartes 50, Michelangelo 51, urban II 52, Omar I 53, Asoka 54, Augustine 55, William Harvey 56, Ernest Rutherford 57, John Calvin.

58, Mendel 59, Max Planck 60, Lister 61, Nicolas & middot; Auguste & Otto 62, Francisco & middot; Pizarro 63, Cortes 64, Thomas Jefferson 65, Isabella I 66, Stalin 67, Caesar 68, William I 69, Freud 70, Edward & middot; Janna 71, roentgen 72, Bach 73, Laozi 74, Voltaire 75, Kepler 76, Fermi 77, Euler 78, Rousseau 79, Nicolo & middot; Machiavelli 80.

Malthus 81, John Kennedy 82, Gregory pinks 83, Moni 84, Lenin 85, Sui Wendi 86, Da & middot; Gama 87, Cyrus 88, Peter 89, Mao Zedong 90, Francis & middot; bacon 91, Henry & middot; Ford 92, Mencius 93, Zoroaster 94, Elizabeth I 95, Gorbachev 96, Menez 97, Charlemagne 98, Homer 99, Justinian I 100, Mahavira