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How to solve menstrual troubles for ancient women

In modern society, sanitary napkin has been popularized, which plays an irreplaceable role in menstrual female friends. When there was no sanitary napkin before, what did women use to solve the "trouble" during menstruation? Let's look at the evolution of sanitary napkins.

Primitive society and slave society: hay leaves

In the primitive society, the living conditions were extremely limited. There is no treatment for women's menstruation. When menstruation comes, women can only wipe blood with hay or leaves.

When the transition to the slave society, women began to learn to use hide or bark to sew underwear to cover their shame. When menstruation came, they put on some dry things to absorb blood. In this period, they also learn to wash the vulva with water to keep the menstrual period clean.

Feudal society: plant ash and cotton

In feudal society, people gradually invented weaving and silk. Gradually abandon the bark, hide and other primitive things.

At this time, before the invention of paper-making, women used to pack grass and wood ashes into small cloth strips, with two ends tied to the waist with fine thread, which became the so-called sanitary belt. The number of replacement pieces depends on the degree of affluence.

Replace the sanitary belt, pour out the things that are full of dirt inside, and then clean the sanitary belt with water and soap. Use it after air drying. In case of emergency, use fire to dry it.

Some wealthy families will prepare clean cotton and other items for women as materials for making sanitary belts. But because new cotton is not easy to absorb water, many women are more likely to accept plant ash.

After the invention of papermaking: straw paper and white paper

After the invention of papermaking, straw paper and other things that are easy to absorb water are put into use. Use straw paper directly or clip it into the sanitary belt. Some rich people use the white paper for sacrifice to make the sanitary belt, because the white paper is clean and sanitary in addition to its toughness. But because this kind of paper is expensive, not all families can afford it.

Poor woman's' plug '

In the aspect of women's physiological health, in the past, only the relatively rich families would attract attention. Women have always been in a relatively low position in social life. Many people's families and girls are trying to solve their own difficulties when menstruation comes. Some girls will use cotton and other items as plugs, which will be inserted into the vagina in an attempt to prevent the outflow of contaminated blood, while some girls will not use sanitary belts for life.

In ancient times, women married earlier and had children. After they had little menstruation and menarche, they had been matchmaking. They married earlier and would not menstruate during pregnancy and childbirth. This is the happiest time for those women with poor family environment. In ancient times, there was no family planning, so women basically gave birth to one after another. When they were unable to give birth, their menstruation stopped.

Ancient 'sanitary napkin' should be made by oneself

In ancient times, it was very traditional. There were very few sanitary belts in the market. They were only sold by salesmen or some rouge and gouache shops. So basically all the sanitary belts that women use are made by themselves. Women will pass from one generation to the next. Learn from each other the techniques and skills of making sanitary belts. Some handy women will embroider patterns on the sanitary belt.

From the perspective of color, blue and black are the fabrics that women prefer to use to make sanitary belts. There are also a few people who use unstained white cloth to make it. Red cloth is basically not used. In the imperial family, sometimes yellow is used, but basically black and blue are preferred.

According to the family conditions, the frequency of renewal and the number of preparation of the sanitary belt used by women are determined. Some women have a sanitary belt for life.