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The Malaysian government announced that no one had survived the plane crash and the families of the

The Ma Hang government announced yesterday that Malaysia Airlines crashed in the Indian Ocean without basis, and no one was alive on board. So far, the search and rescue of Ma Hang ended 17 days. However, for the families of Chinese victims, it did not agree with the news and jointly issued a life condemnation of the act of Ma Hang. Said if the family members died of delayed rescue, then the Ma Hang and the horse government have an unshakable responsibility!

at 22:00 on March 25, Malaysia Prime Minister Najib issued a statement to the family of mh370 passengers of Malaysia Airlines on the final crash of mh370 in the South Indian Ocean without any direct evidence.

Since the announcement of mh370's loss of association on March 8, Malaysia Airlines, the Malaysian government and the Malaysian army have been trying to delay, conceal and cover up the truth, trying to deceive the families of passengers and the people of the world. This shameless act not only fooled and destroyed the body and mind of 154 Chinese passengers' families, but also misled and delayed the search and rescue operation, wasted a lot of manpower and material resources and lost the most precious rescue opportunity. If 154 relatives on our plane lost their precious lives, then Ma Hang, the horse government and the horse military are the real executioners who killed our relatives.

Here, 154 Chinese passengers of mh370 of Ma Hang have made the strongest protest and condemnation against Ma Hang, Ma government and the Ma military!!! And will take all possible means to investigate the unforgivable crimes of Ma Hang, Ma government and Ma Jun!!!

The mh370 passenger family Committee of Ma Hang may express their voices only by such indignant statement. When the remains are not found, it is a great disrespect for the statement. Therefore, we have reason to know a truth about the attitude of Malaysia Airlines! If the passengers on board are killed, pray for the dead!