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A detailed account of the missing Malaysia Airlines airliner: where has the plane gone?

Latest news of Malaysia Airlines plane missing on March 12

Malaysia Airlines flight mh370 has been out of touch for 4 days. In the comments of many posts and articles on microblog, wechat and the Internet, netizens expressed their thoughts and views on the doubtful points of the missing Malaysia Airlines plane. In the opinion of, there are many doubts in this incident.

First, after the radar signal disappeared, the nearby forces were not immediately informed to carry out search and rescue.

Second, there are only two possibilities for radar signals to disappear at a height of 10000 meters. One is that the radar can't detect it after it has fallen rapidly. Second, the plane disintegrated and basically turned into several fragments.

Third, the relatively concentrated fuel oil near the accident area.

Fourth, Vietnam, the ambiguous notification of Malaysia Airlines.

Fifthly, the United States is involved in the investigation and rescue.

Sixth, the pilot is experienced, but there is no report, no distress signal.

The first point is most intriguing, why no rescue effort has been put in within eight hours of the radar signal disappearing. And in the first few hours there was no notification at all.

Second, it is really difficult for pilots to report in any case. But if it is a rapid fall, I personally don't think so. First of all, the plane had been flying safely for 40 minutes, and even if there was a mechanical failure and lost power, it would not crash without contact. If the tail rudder is stuck and the flight attitude can not be recovered, there should not be such scattered fuel.

Third, in Vietnam, Malaysia Airlines first said it had found it, but it was not confirmed. It gave people the feeling of being threatened not to disclose information.

Fourth, the U.S. rescue forces are involved in the search. If it's just a general plane crash, I personally don't think the U.S. Navy will intervene.

And through all the evidence and information available at present, it seems that Malaysia Airlines' airliner has not disintegrated. Because the scattered fuel will not be relatively concentrated after the high-altitude disintegration, there will be two oil traces. Even if disassembled, the fuel spillage should be irregular rather than banded. Moreover, if it really disintegrates, then the seats and the luggage attached to the plane will surely have traces of floating debris leaking out. But not so far. Even oil is relatively concentrated, so if it is really disintegrated, the goods will not be taken away by water. So I don't think the plane broke down.

The most incomprehensible are the two so-called oil stains. According to the reports of Malaysia and Vietnam, it is almost certain that the oil trace is the fuel filled by mh370 flight. But why are there two? In addition to what I have said above, there is another possibility, which is more likely, that is, the aircraft has turned around in the sea near the fuel.

On the way, the aircraft may move forward from the left side, then turn right to fly south, or fly from the right side, and then turn left to fly south.

In either case, it is impossible for the airliner to arrive in Beijing. This could also explain why the airliner could not be found north of the discovery.

Of course, this is just my conjecture. Everything is based on the wish of the crew on board. Of course, you might as well read the previous article: why can't we find the plane that has lost contact? Academician of Chinese Academy of Engineering: GPS and Beidou are not standard for civil aviation. Maybe you can get more.