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The latest news of "out of control Mercedes Benz" incident: what role does the owner play?

Original title: does the role of car owner and Mercedes Benz seem to be reversed in the 'runaway Mercedes Benz' incident? we generally believe that when consumers find defects or quality problems in their cars, they will first contact the dealers, explain the problems in the car from the objective facts, and repair and replace the parts after the dealers' inspection.

The latest news of Mercedes Benz's "out of control incident" is that the car owner has issued a unilateral and arbitrary statement to Mercedes Benz through a law firm. In the statement, when Xue Lishan was driving a Mercedes Benz, the cruise mode switched to manual driving mode and he lost control. The specific reason can not be confirmed so far. Xue believes that Mercedes Benz only infers that the car is running normally through the data obtained from the remote background without getting the vehicle test results, and it is too arbitrary to completely shift the responsibility to the owner. As for Mr. Xue's statement, Professor Wang Jingbo, Dean of the Institute of government under the rule of law of China University of political science and law, also believes that although many people are doing analysis, it is not the car that happened after all, and we can not make an arbitrary conclusion until the final test results come out.

But here I found that it took nearly 10 days from the night of March 14 to 22 to seal up the 'accident' vehicle. Looking back on Mr. Xue's so-called arbitrary response from Mercedes Benz, many netizens think that it is the urging given by Mercedes Benz to the third-party testing organization. On the other hand, netizens think that as a world-famous automobile brand, the response shows that Mercedes Benz is eager to solve this incident. However, during the period from the accident to the storage, not only Mercedes Benz was anxious to get the test results, but also the media, the same car owners and the public wanted to see the final test results.

As an authoritative media, CCTV's "rule of law online" column has reported and analyzed the incident for two consecutive days. According to the current direction of reporting, it has raised the incident from the industry level to the legal level. We can imagine the degree of attention to the incident.

We generally believe that when consumers find defects or quality problems in the car, they will first contact the dealer, explain the problems from the objective facts, and repair and replace the parts after the dealer's inspection. On major issues, it will negotiate with dealers or appeal to the main engine factory of automobile enterprises. According to the three guarantees of the product, we can deal with it through negotiation, or repair, or return or replace the car, or make compensation, etc. If there is a major product defect and the safety driving has been affected, no car owner will drive the car on the road again, and the car will not be driven on the road until it is checked and confirmed by the authority. This is the solution to the problem of the vehicle by the general consumers, dealers and the main engine manufacturers of the car enterprises. Here, the author thinks that Benz has achieved a rapid response mechanism after the incident.

First of all, Mercedes Benz arrived in Chengdu immediately after the incident and was ready to test the vehicle. Secondly, Mercedes Benz also recognizes Mr. Xue's requirement that a third-party testing company should carry out the test. And most netizens also think it is understandable, which is also consistent with the more convincing appeal of the third party inspection in the three guarantees of automobile.

Therefore, in the afternoon of March 22, according to the preliminary consensus reached by the Mercedes Benz company and the owner Mr. Xue, the two sides jointly pasted the seal on the vehicle, and the Mercedes Benz company provided a trailer to tow the Mercedes Benz from Chengdu, Sichuan Province to the place designated by Mr. Xue in Zhengzhou, Henan Province for storage. For the next step, the two sides will continue to negotiate.