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Domestic car finally has "luxury car"! First class equipment is controversial

Original title: domestic cars finally have luxury cars! They are first-class in appearance and power, but the price is frighteningly low no automobile brand has experienced many twists and turns like Guanzhi. No brand is so popular as Guanzhi. No brand has won numerous awards but few sales. After the capital restructuring, Guanzhi was finally taken over by Baoneng. After the dust settles, what's the trend of Guanzhi? Let's take a look at the future trend of Guanzhi from its recently listed compact SUV model young.

The biggest attraction of the new car is that it completely continues the overall design style of Chery Ruihu 7, but integrates the unique family elements of Guanzhi in details. Because it is defined as a standard compact SUV, its length is 4510 mm and wheelbase is 2670 mm. The front grille adopts the family style of Guanzhi, and the inner grille presents a network design, which is abstracted from the brand logo. The chrome plated decorative strip between the grille and the engine hood is strong and strong.

In the rear part of the car, the tail shape of Guanzhi model young is mellow and plump, and the tail lamp group with LED light source further improves the recognition when it is lit. The bottom of the trunk cover is decorated with a chrome strip, which is a unique design element of Guanzhi. Overall, it is more exquisite than Ruihu 7.

The overall interior layout of Guanzhi model young is similar to that of Ruihu 7, so there is not much highlight in the design. However, it is still very kind in the materials used. The large area of soft material package adds a lot of luxury to the car. The three panel multi-function steering wheel with simple but distinctive shape is very suitable for young people's taste, including multi-function steering wheel, large size LCD screen, electronic handbrake and leather seats with stitching treatment, further enhancing the luxury feeling in the car. In terms of power, the new car is equipped with 1.5T + 6mt and 1.5T + 6dct, which is also a common power system with Ruihu 7. In this way, from the appearance and interior to the configuration of power, Guanzhi young and Ruihu 7 It's as like as two peas. It means that people buy the concept, but in fact it is a tiger 7. Although reliable information shows that its price is only 100 thousand yuan, a large number of people think that the concept finally leads to the people. But some people think that Chery's products are going to be the first line of the people's life, which is fatal to brand injury. What do you think?