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Kaiyi SUV will meet with consumers next year

Recently, Kaiyi X3 goes offline, and the new model will meet with you next year. Now there are many friends who buy cars. They also have their own ideas about how to choose a car. They pursue perfection in both appearance and interior.

Kaiyi's new appearance shows the atmosphere and fashion, with many colors that you can choose according to your own preference. The streamline design makes the whole body look more fluent, and the whole front face looks graceful from the front direction. The headlamp design has a new breakthrough compared with the original style. The whole body has a strong sense of movement and a sense of fashion. 1.6 aspirated engine will bring unprecedented breakthrough to the whole power system.

The new interior is full of pride. The leather interior makes the whole driving space more bright and comfortable. The core computer system closely connects technology with driving, making travel more convenient and safe. The combination of manual and automatic makes the driving process more smooth. The touch screen device is simple and fashionable, easy to operate. I believe that the listing will bring the best consumer experience to consumers.