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Great Wall Haval H8 again suspended scheduled recycling and hunger marketing

On May 7, when you open the Great Wall Haval H8 forum of automobile Home Forum, you will find that the 4S store of great wall Haval H8 has once again suspended booking, which makes countless riders feel sad. Is this the recycling of great wall Haval H8 or the hunger marketing of great wall play?

'Goldbach's conjecture' about the Great Wall's haverh8 suspension of acceptance

The wiper is not reliable

There are many kinds of conjectures about the Great Wall Haval H8 suspending booking again. Some netizens disclosed that it was the problem of the wiper, but some netizens refuted that the wiper had no technological content, it was nothing more than a wiper blade. At most, with the sensor of the automatic wiper, there would not be too many technical difficulties for the manufacturer to suspend the booking.

Great Wall Haval H8 gearbox becomes a doubtful point

Some netizens said that it was because ZF's 6-speed gearbox was out of production. We have seen relevant reports that ZF's 6at is about to stop production. But I think any manufacturer will not fail to think of the emergency measures that should be taken in case of breach of contract or changes in the supply and demand relationship when signing a contract with the supplier. Even if ZF 6-speed gearbox is shut down, its inventory will be able to sell for a period of time to support it Since ZF can sign this supply agreement with great wall, it should be able to guarantee the demand of great wall. Therefore, it is necessary to confirm the suspension of reservation due to transmission supply problems.

Haver's most credible statement of suspending production capacity

According to the reporter's investigation, the 4S stores in the six major cities of great wall Haval H8 accept orders of several hundred units on average. H8 is the latest model put into production. At the beginning of production, it will be forced to reduce production for various reasons. For example, if the Xushui factory produces H6 under the premise of full load operation, the output will not be much lower than that before, because H6 is a mature model, while H8 is still unable to play At this point, the new factory makes new cars, plus the importance of H8 to the Great Wall. I think the Great Wall will suffer huge losses no matter what happens to H8. Therefore, the Great Wall should be cautious in the issue of H8.

Therefore, it is unlikely that the Great Wall Haval H8 will suspend the acceptance of the reservation again this time. At the same time, it is not fair to speculate that the Great Wall is also a little unfair by using the theory of hungry sales, because the order quantity of H8 is too large to keep up with the production capacity, and the great wall also needs to ensure the quality of haver H8. As a result, the statement that great wall Haval H8 has suspended the acceptance of reservation again is more credible.