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Lee Min Ho, the hero of Korean drama successors, almost caught a cold in the cold wind when he spoke

Li minhao, the long legged actor in the Korean drama "successors", recently endorsed the k3s model of Dongfeng Yueda Kia. Compared with the previous endorsement of GAC Toyota Camry, Li minhao is not so comfortable. In the cold wind, he puts on all kinds of handsome models. Unfortunately, the temperature is too cold, and Li minhao almost caught a cold.

Recently, a crowd of onlookers filmed Li minhao, a long legged actor from the Korean drama "the successors" on the Bund of Shanghai, shooting a TV advertisement for the k3s model of Dongfeng Yueda Kia. From the video, we can see that Li minhao is still very handsome. Unfortunately, due to the low temperature and strong sea breeze, Li minhao, a handsome man, can only shoot in the cold wind and wear thin clothes I almost caught a cold when I took the TV advertisement of yak3s.

The sports appearance of Kia's K3 model has achieved good sales results in China. This time, Kia simply carried out the sports style to the end and launched a derivative version of the K3 model, which is more fashionable and sporty in appearance. The model is expected to be released in April today. According to insiders, the model is still equipped with a 1.6-liter in-line four cylinder engine and a mainstream 6-speed automated manual transmission. It's a good choice to go to work to buy a car.

At the same time, during the shooting interval, Lee Min Ho, the hero of Korean drama successors, bows to keep himself warm in order not to let himself too cold. From the staff's clothes, we can see that the temperature at the scene of Dongfeng Yueda Kia TV advertisement is very low, which is really bitter for our long legged brother Li minhao.