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The sharp loser said that the nouveau riche disliked independent brands or extremism boycotting Japa

When entering the Forum on Japanese cars and self owned brand cars, the most common post is to take the regional car series as the topic and launch mutual blackout. As a result, the topic of independent brand and boycott of Japanese products has become a permanent topic. At the same time, it also raises a question: "where to go and where to go for self owned brand cars?". '

Is the independent brand so bad

As for the independent automobile brand, automobile consumers love and hate it. The price performance ratio of the automobile is much higher than that of the joint venture vehicles of the same level. However, they hate that the quality of their cars is not stable enough. Is today's domestic car really as bad as the word of mouth said?

You can open a post on the forum of Japanese cars for PK between domestic cars and Japanese cars. The response rate is certainly not low. If the comments are too radical, it will become a hot topic in the forum and attract Japanese car fans to attack. Among them, the remark is that 'Japanese cars drive 150000 km without any small problems. "Loser just bought a domestic car. "It's OK to buy home-made cars. It's OK to buy vegetables. It's OK to use them as family cars. "Japanese cars save fuel. That's pretty good. '

From these remarks, it is not difficult to see that most of the audience groups of Japanese cars should be the working class with average income and the middle class who are not rich but think that they are not easy to get rich. The former is to buy a car to save money, while the latter is to follow the trend to demand face. Of course, he can't afford to buy a luxury car of 1 million Just buy a Japanese mid-range car with very low failure rate, such as hanlanda, Badao, goto, Loulan, Nissan, accord.

So the domestic car is bad? Bad. In the past, because of the backward technology, it was rotten to the quality. Now, because of the Chinese style face, it's rotten more thoroughly and never turns over. Fantasy to let domestic cars such as domestic appliances general turn over, fanciful. Home appliances are used at home, others can't see, face problem is not a problem. For many Chinese people, it's not for walking, it's for people to see.

Since ancient times, there has been a bad habit of emperors using big horses to show their imperial prestige. Therefore, it is even more difficult for domestic cars to survive if they take the route of raising the price of cars and increasing the profit margin. It is difficult for the main group of automobile consumption to spend 200000-300000 yuan to buy state-made cars. First of all, they are not willing to pay 100 yuan.

This is the reason why domestic cars have surpassed joint venture vehicles in terms of raising vehicle prices, innovating materials, ensuring quality and cost performance, but they are always called as not popular. Moreover, it often leads to constant scolding, ridiculing that it has no core technology, and it is all purchased and imported, and the price dare to sell so expensive. Xiaobian is puzzled here. In today's highly cooperative global economy, even German cars are beginning to import four-wheel drive system, and Japanese cars are beginning to assemble foreign gearboxes. Why do you laugh at the fact that domestic brands are not completely independent?

The technology of domestic cars is backward. Of course, there is a long way to go. Many car companies are struggling in the low-end car market. However, if the main force of domestic cars, throw away some face, be more tolerant, and improve their social awareness, they must be able to go faster and easier. German cars have a very high rate of minor defects and breakdowns. You can boast about them every day. Why can't you give up on your own?

Should boycott Japanese goods

At the same time, if you open a post that ridicules domestic cars in the forum of domestic self owned brand cars, it will be infuriating. Radical speech is basically about patriotism and unpatrioticism. You can't move with the big hat of a traitor on your head.

There is no need to put on such a random hat. The old road of seclusion can not be taken any more. It has been a long time ago that Japanese cars are not safe and not strong. The ultimate culprit is also the product of the Chinese side of the joint venture who cut corners and the Chinese people deceived the Chinese themselves.

What's more, the Japanese built cheap labor factories in China, and you boycotted Japanese goods. In fact, you are undermining China's national economy and employment rate in disguise. Therefore, only by looking at each other with a learning attitude can we treat Japanese cars objectively.

Where to go for independent brands

In the face of such a strong enemy and national intolerance, what should the domestic car do? Xiaobian's point of view is to break the old and bring forth the new. Throughout history, the birth of new technology can make a country and a large number of enterprises.

The steam engine of the industrial revolution made Britain a superpower. The exquisite mechanical watch technology makes Switzerland's finishing industry lead the world. Japanese CVT transmission and original engine variable valve technology make it stand firm in the automotive industry. The automobile industry has been very mature and obsolete, as a sunset industry, there is no technical point.

In addition to the rapid innovation of electronic control technology in the field of automobile, objectively speaking, it is not very realistic to catch up with and surpass others in the field of a hundred years behind others.

At the same time, gasoline engine, as an old technology that goes against the law of human development, has little significance in terms of revitalizing national industry. Developing new energy technologies, such as electric motor vehicles and hydrogen dye cars, is the shortcut for domestic brands to catch up with and surpass the world.

In the near future, gasoline engines, like mechanical watches, will fall into museums and become luxury ornaments for the rich. What we hope to see is not that the independent brands have a place in the museum, but that in the future, we will see numerous independent brands go forward bravely and shuttle along the road of science and technology with new technologies.