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Super junior member Li Donghai Yinhe's "I'm still" MV driving Bentley Continental convertible with b

Recently, super junior members Li Donghai and Li Yinhe played with long legged blondes in the hit single "I am still" MV. One of the highlights of the film is that Bentley Euro 2013 GT speed convertible version acts as a vehicle, which adds a lot of color to the MV.

"I am still" MV is filmed in Paris. At the shooting site, because the temperature is too low, they both put on thick windcoats. Although it is cold, they still can't stop their passion for playing games. They often make faces in the shooting gags, and have a good time.

At the same time, it is important to introduce the Bentley Continental 2013 GT speed convertible luxury sports car. Since its birth in 2004, it has been loved by various MV and stars, and its retro convertible shape is very fashionable. This European size 4806 * 1943 * 1403, equipped with a 6.0t 626 horsepower W12 engine, ceramic brake to ensure the safety of the vehicle in driving, the biggest highlight of the interior provides 17 colors of choice. It is worth 4.52 million.

Li Donghai and Li Yinhe, two handsome boys in the "I'm still" video, with this luxurious convertible sports car, meet the beautiful picture of Paris blonde long legged beauty by chance.