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Jay Chou spent 13 million to build Batman's old car

The batcar in Batman's return in 1992 has left a deep memory for the childhood of the post-80s. As the little king of Chinese music, Jay Chou is a real fan. Today, we'll talk about the bat car he spent 13 million yuan on building his own.

Jay Chou wanted to buy as like as two peas in the Batman movie, but Jay Chou had to pay 65 million NT dollars for the 5 original props, and the car was equivalent to 13 million yuan in price.

The imitation bat car as like as two peas in the details, the hook, smoke bomb, and body length 16 feet and 9 feet wide, but unfortunately, it can not be opened to go on the road, it can only be played in Jay Chou's garage for his own play.