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How to make up students more natural?

It is a very common thing for students to make up. When they get up every day, they will spend a little time wearing light and pleasant makeup before going to class. So how to make up students more natural? Xiaobian will discuss with you & hellip; & hellip;

In the student group, oily skin mm is the majority, because it is puberty, secretion developed, campus activities and easy to sweat. In view of these characteristics, today to teach you how to make up oily skin students.

Oily skin will be more oil and skin is brightier. Before cleansing, wash with mild water and deep cleansing cream. Before wearing makeup, apply sunscreen before use, liquid foundation or water soluble powder. The best use of makeup products is only a thin layer. Enough powder and eye makeup will feel old and easy to wear. With a little modification and a little Mascara in your eyes, your eyes will be bright and bright. At last, you can easily go to school with a light lipstick.

If the complexion is paler, rouge powder should be added to both cheeks, and the make-up must be as natural as possible. If you can't see that you have made up, you are an expert. Encounter sweating, make-up began to melt, so you can use oil absorption paper printing to excess surface oil, or gently apply powder makeup. If you want to make up for a long time, it is recommended to do it in an air-conditioned room. You should not go out in a hurry after making up. If your skin is hot and sweaty, you can turn the fan to cool down. Make up removal must be thorough. Choose a good oil or cream, but do not wipe it vigorously. Facial cleanser can only remove the residual makeup on the face, but only use special cleaning liquid to wash eyelash liquid.