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Teach you elegant retro makeup, reappear ancient beauty

Beauty tips: with the coming of the summer, the 'heavy' sunshine and the heavy work pressure will make you breathless. How can you still have the strength to catch up with the pace of fashion? Why not take the initiative to take an annual leave for yourself, clear up your mood, and let yourself enjoy a journey of memories. Think of the natural suburbs, the sunny Southeast Asia, or the humanistic Europe & hellip; & hellip; come and get dressed!

If you think it's too artificial to paint a retro look, or if you want to try a heavy smoky make-up, it's time to show off your other side.

Elegant little black skirt, exaggerated metal earrings, and of course, the classic Hepburn style make-up is the best match.

Audrey Hepburn, one of the most famous actresses in Hollywood, is known for her elegant temperament and tasteful dress. Her make-up represents the unique beauty of that era, and at the same time leads the charm trend of 'eternity'.

Classic red lips should be cautious:

For most of the Asian people with yellow skin color, pink lipstick can bring a softer impression than red lipstick, which is more suitable. If you really want to try it, remember that the base make-up must be white, and avoid too much flash texture on the face. The elegant sub gloss base makeup is the best match for classic matching. In the choice of lip gloss, it is also necessary to choose the dumb light quality as the first choice, and the appropriate moisturizing feeling is enough.

The double eyelids add points for smoking

Generally speaking, smoking makeup is more suitable for double eyelid eye shape, so if it is a single eyelid or double inside girls, you can paste double eyelid stickers or glue on the eyes before makeup, so as to prepare for creating beautiful eye makeup like Elva. The smokey eye make-up should be controlled in the fold of double fold. The two coloured eye shadow is the most basic preparation. At the same time, it collocation with a black eye liner and a bright eye shadow. If you think the eye liner or eyeliner is hard to master, you can also replace it with black eye shadow, which is easier to dye and can enhance the depth.

Three dimensional contour is the key

Compared with westerners' face with clear lines, the faces of the Orient do not appear to be three-dimensional enough. Using Concealer skillfully can also enhance the three-dimensional sense of the whole face. Apply the soft concealer to the part of T-zone (from the top of the eyebrows to the middle of the nose bridge), then gently push away. Remember not to put the concealer onto the forehead. If you think your face is too round, you can use concealer to extend the line on the bottom of your eyes. This will form a shadow, so that the cheekbones look high, the whole face will appear thin and more three-dimensional.