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Valentine's day big love small smoky makeup innovative style smoky makeup

Valentine's day big love small smoke makeup, innovative style smoke makeup! Valentine's Day is always pink and cute. Colorful and creative smoky makeup not only shocks the vision, but also makes you different. Try the innovative smoky makeup on Valentine's Day!

Golden purple smoky makeup

Gold is the finishing touch of purple smoke

Reference Makeup: Jason Wu's golden purple smoky makeup in autumn and winter 2011 in New York

Specific painting method: first outline the smoke makeup of cat's eye with sauce purple, and pick the end of the eye as a whole. Dye the golden halo on the fold between the eye head and the upper eyelid, and the smoke lights up with the addition of gold.

Gray and blue smoky makeup is full of power

Reference Makeup: Chanel's makeup at the 2012 Paris spring and summer high fashion week is gray and blue smoke with the aircraft head.

The smokey eye make-up is very simple and fresh. It does not dye the large area of gray blue, but it outlines the eye shape. It is equivalent to the effect of rough eye liner. The eye tail is neither picked nor sagged. It just joins the corner of the eye and has played a simple effect.

Bright purple cat's eye is not worth your life

Reference Makeup: blue purple sequined cat's eye smoky makeup of PaCO rabanne at Paris Fashion Week in spring and summer 2012

Specific method: blue and purple outline the cat's eye shape, the tail should be thick and heavy, the shape should be very clear, a bit like an isosceles triangle, the eye will be shiny with white eye shadow, and the eye socket will be lighter when using some golden sequins. Single eyelid mm might as well try, a pair of very attractive electric eyes!

Smoky purple smoky makeup

Smoky purple smoky makeup is a little fresh in winter

Reference Makeup: 2011 London autumn and winter fashion week Christopher Kane's smoky makeup

Specific painting method: light smoke purple will appear a little beautiful and refined. It does not do large-area halo dyeing. It gently outlines the eye shape with smoke purple. There are more halo dyeing at the upper eye tail. There are no regular graphics, but it can lengthen and expand the effect and make the eyes round. This makeup is very suitable for girls with slender eyes.

Which of these little smoky makeup do you like? If you are tired of small fresh makeup, you might as well create such a small smoky makeup on Valentine's day to break through yourself!