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Four essential elements of red lip makeup to help you draw standard retro makeup

Essential elements of red lip makeup, 4 tips to help you draw a standard retro makeup! Red lip makeup has always been the representative of the ultimate female charm. Four key elements of painting retro red lip makeup teach you how to draw non vulgar red lip makeup. Standard red lip makeup painting method to teach you, seriously study it!

Necessary conditions for red lip makeup:

One of the necessary conditions of red lip makeup: no time to make up

Thin transparent white base makeup can reflect the elegance of red lip makeup. The skin at the bottom of the yellow skin can choose a liquid foundation which is brighter than 1 of its skin color. Before the bottom, it is necessary to use the powder or purple bottom to make the skin lighter, spots, pox prints, dark circles and dark corners of the corners of the mouth.

Red lip makeup essential condition 2: smart color selection

Red lips are not just the traditional red. Red wine, brown red, dark red, rose red and orange red can create a saturated red lip makeup. If your skin is fair, you can try all kinds of red. But if you have the dull and distressed skin, you can choose the lipstick with red orange, because a little yellow in the red can make the skin appear brighter and brighter. Of course, the cool brown red and purple red can also be tried.

Red lip makeup essential condition three: desalination eye makeup

Red lips are the focal point of the whole makeup, so we should moderate the eye makeup and blush. You can use the eyeliner or eyeliner to draw a retro retro eyeliner, which adds to the charm of the red lips. The part of eyelashes must be brushed twice. The second time focuses on the eyelashes at the outer corner of the eye and the upward lashes.

Red lip makeup essential condition four: shallow sweep blush

Gently sweeping the pale pink blush on the face of the 'smiling Apple' area can neutralize the mature temperament that red lips often bring and enhance the sense of youthful makeup.

Step by step

Step 1: locate lip line

First use lip liner or lip brush to outline the clear outline of the lip peak. Then draw a point in the lower lip with the lip line pen to locate the upper and lower lip. The ratio of the upper lip to the lower lip is more sexy when 1:1. The ratio of the upper lip to the lower lip is 1:1.5 more subtle and elegant.

TIPS: Retro red lips must emphasize the perfect lip shape, saturated color and classic temperament. Beginners recommend lip contour and lip brush to depict the lip contour.

Step 2: outline the lip

The outline of the upper lip line is connected from the bottom to the lip by the lip line pen. The outline of the lower lip line is connected from the outside to the point by the outer lip, so that even the novice can draw a red lip line with a sense of outline.

Step3: apply the lip brush to the lipstick.

Dip the lip brush into the same lip color or a slightly lighter red lip paste to fill the lips evenly.

Step 4: brighten your lips

Dark corners of the mouth is the fatal injury of red lip makeup. You can use bright color pen to brighten the dark corners of the mouth to set off the delicacy of retro red lips.

Essential elements of red lip makeup, 4 tips to help you draw a standard retro makeup! female make-up teaches you the painting method of retro make-up, how to draw a non vulgar retro red lip make-up!