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A man experiences having a baby! On Mother's day, he lost control and cried for a second

"Ah! It's killing me!" come on, pause, pause! I really can't stand it! "Relax, breathe, breathe. It's just like the pain of opening a finger at the mouth of the Palace & hellip; & hellip;"

On the eve of mother's day, four male freshmen and sophomores from Nanjing University came to Nanjing Maternal and child health hospital to experience the pain of mother's childbirth. Among the four, some of them gave up because they couldn't bear the pain, and then called their mother crying on the spot. Some people are said to hold on to the end with faith, causing pain to the back, wet clothes and soaked sheets with sweat.

The four boys, from the school of modern engineering and Applied Sciences, Department of philosophy and School of Arts of NTU, are all under 20 years old.

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Li Yanfeng: the pain of giving birth is' terrible, too frightening '

With the help and coordination of the teachers from the Youth League Committee of Nanjing University, the four came to Nanjing Maternal and child health hospital at 6 p.m. on April 29. On the 13th floor of the maternal and child health hospital, there is a postpartum rehabilitation center, where there is a machine, which was originally used to treat postpartum urinary incontinence. Because it can simulate the pain of childbirth. Li Yanfeng, one of the experimenters and a sophomore at the University of Arts, told the modern express that the four of them were sleeping on the beds in the treatment room. "The bed has a certain arc, and the upper half is a little taller. "Then, the nurses put several patches of electricity on their abdomen to simulate the pain of childbirth. '

Li Yanfeng recalled that at the beginning of pasting, the current set by the machine was 15mA, and then gradually increased to 50, 70, and 100. 'I was a little curious at first. I could bear it, and I was too embarrassed to shout. Later, in the middle, the pain became more and more intense. I felt that not only my stomach, but also my thighs were twitching. I couldn't stand it, so I cried out regardless. 'he said that he was a little psychologically prepared, but he felt that the pain was from the latent period to the active period.' it was a wave after wave of pains. After a while, he felt suddenly like the tide, like the pain of a meat grinder. '

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The sophomore said that at that time, the nurse told him to relax and take a deep breath, but I only knew 'ah, ah, ah'. I couldn't take a deep breath at all. "The nurse said that you can't call. Once you call, your child will be short of oxygen and lose physical strength quickly. Later, I felt that the director of the story of Zhen Huan must have never had a child, and the acting was too fake. 'he said that he was holding a person's hand at that time, and his left leg was cramping all the time. His foot was against the wall, so he stepped on the wall with his foot to' fight against the painful force '. The nurse told him that he couldn't pedal. The more he pedaled, the more painful his muscles were. He said he felt that he couldn't stand it for a minute.

Li Yanfeng said that when the current reached 50 Ma, he was sweating with pain. 'the upper part of the body is so painful that the back is arched. I held on for about 10 minutes and gave up. It's terrible. It's terrible. 'although it has been almost a week, Li Yanfeng still has a lingering fear when he recalls his experience at that time. In addition to him, his mother had a younger brother, he said. 'it's summer when my mother is pregnant with my younger brother. She doesn't dare to blow the air conditioner. She is especially afraid of heat. She only needs to walk two steps at a time, sweating all over. When her mother gave birth to her younger brother, she used an analgesic stick after caesarean section. Her mother said that the analgesic stick was still very painful. '

He said that he would treat his mother well in the future. "In the past, every time I met delicious food, I always wanted to take my classmates with me. In the future, I would take my mother to eat delicious food. 'after this experience, he has to be better to his mother every day.' don't just express it on festivals. I think of what Mr. Shi Tiesheng said, & lsquo; I want to warn all boys not to be stubborn with their mother, and don't feel that their mother is very nagging. Thank you to mom. '

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Gao Jin: crying on the spot to call his mother

Gao Jin, another experiencer, is a freshman in the school of modern engineering and Applied Sciences of Nanjing University. He is less than 20 years old this year. He said that after about 20 minutes of experience, he could not bear it and stopped. 'because it's really painful. 'he said he had never experienced such pain when he was so old. 'I wanted to stick to it, but the pain was like throwing it into a meat grinder and stirring it all the time. The stomach is like tearing pain, like being torn to pieces at any time. I can't stand it. '

Gao Jin said his mother didn't tell him how difficult it was to have a baby. 'it's said that what we experience is only one tenth of the pain when our mother gives birth, but I still don't stick to it until the end. I think mom is really not easy. 'Gao Jin said that before the experience, he didn't contact his mother for a long time, but when half of the experience ended, he especially wanted to contact his mother. 'My biggest feeling at that time was that it was not easy to be a mother. I thought there might be a concept that women have to go through that hurdle to have children, but I didn't expect it to be so difficult. Now I think it's not easy for my mother. After I get married, I must be more considerate of my wife. '

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According to a video taken at the scene, Gao Jin called his mother in tears and said, "Hello, mom, my God, I just experienced childbirth. It's too painful. 'and then a big tear came down the boy's cheek. Gao Jin recalled that when he was in junior high school, he was very rebellious and often talked back to his mother. Every time I quarrel with my mother, it's all about trifles. Now think about it. 'next time I go home on holiday, I must express my sympathy to my mother. Mother also had a little sister. I'm only five years old. I was born in the third year of my junior high school. At that time, my mother was a very old woman. When she gave birth to her sister, she also went through risks, which was not easy. 'he also said that when he gets along with his mother, he will always think of his own experience of having a baby, and he will always think of the difficulty of having a baby.

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Experiencer Kong Weiyu: Children's coming belief supports them to the end

Kong Weiyu, from the Department of philosophy of NTU, is the longest of the four Experiencers, with a total experience of about 40 minutes. He told the modern express that it was painful at that time. 'because it's according to the electric current, it's very numb at first. Later, it's like a meat grinder. It can change different pain methods, such as stone smashing, needle pricking, and a gentle period. Then it comes again. I can't stand it. After increasing the current, I began to be able to bear it, but later I got used to it. '

Kong Weiyu is the only child in his family, and his mother has never told him that it is not easy to have a baby. After the experience, the boy didn't call his mother immediately. 'at that time, I only felt that I could not express it in words. I felt that part of the pain was physical pain, but the other part was the support of faith. 'he said that he did not just regard himself as a person of experience, but as a' mother 'who really wanted to have children. 'at that time, I felt full of hope and very important, because it was this belief that supported me in the hope of the future. '

After about 40 minutes of pain, his stomach was red. His companions found that his back was wet with pain. One of the sheets is wet. 'I don't want to just make a phone call to my mother. In the future, I want to take practical actions to repay my mother, bit by bit, not to make her unhappy. I want to help my mother as much as possible from the housework, accompany her more, study hard within my own scope, and make them happy. '

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Let the students appreciate their mother's love from the painful experience

Li Xinghua, deputy secretary of the Youth League Committee of Nanjing University, told the modern express that on the eve of mother's day, four male college students were allowed to go to the maternal and child health care center to experience the pain of a mother giving birth to a child in order to let everyone feel the hardship and difficulty of a mother with their own experience. 'that kind of pain, if you don't experience it yourself, may be very difficult to feel. But once they have experienced it, they will know that being a mother is not easy in the world. They will thank their mother from the bottom of their hearts, and they will thank their mother from their actions. '

Li Xinghua also said that every year on Mother's day, students are asked to make a greeting phone call, send a greeting message and write a greeting postcard to their mother, but these are not enough. 'we need to experience the greatness of maternal love from some unforgettable experiences, so that we can have more long-term and lasting love and action. This is also a compulsory course of gratitude education for college students. '