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The most beautiful figure in the world: Jiangxi mask boy's mother's love makes him reborn

The 13-year-old boy may be just a naughty age. However, for Zhou Tao, he once struggled on the edge of death. This child, who always goes to school with a headband, shows unprecedented strength in his character. Maybe it's the maternal love that makes him understand the precious value of life, because the maternal love, like the nirvana of the Phoenix, obtains the spiritual rebirth!

However, the deep third degree burn made Zhou Tao, a 13-year-old boy, wear a white headgear all day long, and once faced despair and death. Zhou Tao, who lives in Yang village, Quanjiang Town, Suichuan County, Jiangxi Province, is a sixth grader at Yingping primary school in Suichuan County. He suffered severe burns to his face, hands and feet in an accident in March this year.

After leaving hospital, daily nursing and rehabilitation training became a daily compulsory course for Zhou Tao and his mother Zhang Meilan. In September this year, Zhou Tao, who is still recovering, insisted on going to school. Due to the delay of half a year, he had to reread the sixth grade once. Feng Yumei, the head teacher, told reporters that Zhou Tao was still a cheerful child, and the teachers and students did not treat him differently because of his injury.

In the last exam, Zhou Tao also won the first place in his class, and his classmates all looked at him with new eyes. In a composition, Zhou Tao wrote: "thank you, mom! For more than half a year, you have taken care of me like a baby, so that I will not be infected by bacteria. Because of your love, I survived. Because of your love, I must be strong! "