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Send people roses, hands stay fragrance! Twenty one years ago, 10 yuan of kindness was exchanged for

Send a rose and leave a fragrance in your hand. The kindness of 21 years ago is still remembered today. Today's big sister Wanquan declined to pay a million yuan in cash. Maybe you help others inadvertently, and you will have unexpected harvest after n years? So it is necessary to have a good thought at any time!

a woman living in Zhejiang helped a little beggar 21 years ago, but she didn't expect that the other party has become a big boss of an enterprise and has been looking for many years to repay her kindness. When he Rongfeng saw the elder sister who had helped him many years ago, he presented a check of 1 million yuan, but his opponent refused. Elder sister Dai thought that she had done what she could and could not bear the heavy gift of he Rongfeng. She was very moved to be missed by he Rongfeng for many years. Men give back millions of checks

Twenty one years ago, elder sister Dai took in three penniless young men. At that time, he Rongfeng was a black and thin boy. When she came to Zhejiang to work, she had no money and had no food for several days. So she took them home, cooked a table of food, and cooked hot water to soak their feet. At that time, he Rongfeng, who was only 17 years old, came to Zhejiang with his friends to work. When he ran out of money, he begged along the road. But after a few meals, Dai also helped them find jobs in nearby factories. But most factories didn't recruit three people at the same time. So the three young men discussed going to Huangyan to look for jobs. So Dai gave them 10 yuan for a car fare and prepared to go on the road Eat steamed bread.

He Rongfeng, who has been struggling for many years, is now a famous entrepreneur in Shenyang. However, he always remembers the elder sister who once helped her. After finding elder sister Dai, he and his wife sent a check of one million yuan. They thought that the gratitude of those years should be rewarded. However, elder sister Dai refused. She felt that the money was not deserved. She was very moved to be remembered for many years.