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Profile of super girl Ji Minjia's face changed from pie face to goddess snake spirit awl face

Ji Minjia, who was born as a super girl in 2005, now comes back with an awl face. If you don't have cosmetic surgery in the entertainment industry, you can't stay. Everyone has the love of beauty. But it's a bit too arrogant to say that you have a good foundation after cosmetic surgery!

Comparison before and after cosmetic surgery

Ji Minjia, a former super girl, recently posted a group of her own beautiful photos on the Internet, and wrote on her microblog: "if you are in a good mood, let me tell you the secret. This photo was taken by xx mobile phone sent by a friend. You don't need to use PS or fix the film or take it directly. If you like it, buy it quickly (if you want to have a good effect, you should first have a good foundation). '

Standard awl face

Profile of Ji Minjia

Ji Minjia was born in June 1982 in Chengdu, China.

In 2004, she won the fourth place in Chengdu super female voice competition area, and won the champion of super female voice singing area in Hangzhou and the fifth place in the national finals in 2005. In 2006, he signed the contract with saifade (Beijing) Cultural Development Co., Ltd., and launched the single "graffiti" in April, which won the top 10 Golden Melody Award in the general rating list of Chinese original songs; in June of the same year, he released his first personal music album "brand new Ji Minjia". In 2007, he served as the fifth Environmental Protection Ambassador of China Environmental Protection Foundation. He joined the drama troupe of the Political Department of the air force of the people's Liberation Army in October 2009. In 2013, he participated in the TV program "I'm crazy about songs" held by Anhui Satellite TV. Perhaps want to return to the entertainment industry will come up with such a hype to attract eyeballs, but why dare not admit cosmetic surgery? I have to say, Zheng Shuang is a good girl with true temperament!