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Three migrant workers hold the body of life on the balcony upside down

The old man hung upside down on the balcony and his life was in danger. Three migrant workers lifted the old man with his hands. Netizens praised him one after another. More people should know about the transmission of such positive social energy.

Tianjin's 89 year old man accidentally fell from the fourth floor window and hung the outdoor air conditioner upside down. Three brothers of migrant workers in Nanyang saved the old man from danger by lifting them with both hands. They are affectionately called "three brothers of lifting" by Tianjin citizens.

On June 22, a reporter called the Tianjin volunteer association to learn that Jia Xiaoyu, Liu Xinjun and Yang Ming, the three brothers of the "promotion", have been identified as "brave in a just cause.". They are all from Anyang and have been working in Tianjin for seven or eight years. They are good workers. Starting this year, they are also painting the exterior walls of ludili community in Hebei District of Tianjin.