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26 year old "brother baohuo" rushed out of the fire with a liquefied gas tank on his shoulders. Neti

When life is in danger, many people will choose to escape. As ordinary firefighters, they can carry the liquefied gas on fire and run out alone. This courage and courage has convinced us. This is the most needed and lovely person in our society!

brother baohuo is named Huangfu Jiangwu. He is 26 years old and comes from Weinan, Shaanxi Province. On January 3 this year, Huangfu Jiangwu sent out police to put out the fire. He shouldered a burning liquefied gas tank and ran to the open space more than ten meters away from the fire site, and covered it with wet rags. This scene happened to be photographed by a crowd of onlookers and later posted on Weibo.

Huangfu Jiangwu, who was not tall, recalled: "when I picked up the jar, the fire flashed across my face. I had a pessimistic idea. What should I do with the explosion? But the fear just flashed by. A few seconds later, I walked out the door. Then continue to put out the fire. 'Do you have such courage when disaster strikes?