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Famous director Wu Tianming passed away, Zhang Yimou tweeted that he was shocked and sad

Famous director Wu Tianming died, Zhang Yimou micro blog said shocked sad, he had helped Zhang Yimou, now he died, let people regret.

At noon on March 4, Wu Tianming, a famous director, died of myocardial infarction at the age of 75, according to microblogs from Shi Hang, a well-known screenwriter, and Shi Chuan, vice chairman of the Shanghai Film Association. After learning the news, Zhang Yimou sent an article on Weibo in the name of Zhang Yimou, expressing shock and sadness, and said that the two had jointly planned the film a few months ago.

Zhang Yimou studio Original: shocked to learn that director Wu Tianming has passed away, he was shocked and sad. He planned a film with him a few months ago, but it turned out to be a farewell! Director Wu goes well all the way, and his sister-in-law and daughter take care of themselves

Director Wu Tianming has made classic films such as old well and life. He is the former director of Xi'an Film Studio. He is recognized as a contemporary Bole who supports Zhang Yimou of the fifth generation and helps Zhang Yimou win the film emperor of Tokyo Film Festival with Lao Jing.