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The man is willing to sleep in the closet for six years to prevent his wife from turning over

In order to prevent his wife from turning over and hurting his wife, he slept in the wardrobe for six years. There are not many such good men in today's society! Fushun in December, the cold wind cuts people. This is the sixth winter for Wang Jinghai and his wife Jiang Shuping to sleep separately. For six years, Wang Jinghai has been sleeping in his bedroom wardrobe every day. This is not a small punishment between husband and wife, but the expression of the Northeast man's deepest love for his wife.

In 1992, Jiang Shuping suffered from rheumatoid arthritis. Jiang Shuping can't be separated from others. In order to take care of his wife, Wang Jinghai quit his job. The house we live in now was demolished and moved in six years ago. There is only one double bed in the bedroom. In order to prevent his wife's pain caused by turning over at night, Wang Jinghai put the bed into his bedroom closet. 'I'll get some floor scraps myself and nail them in the closet. You can be a bed at night, but you can't see it when you close the closet door during the day. Wang Jinghai is very satisfied with his creativity. But Jiang Shuping knows that this is more of her husband's comfort, 'he doesn't say how can I not know? It's very stuffy sleeping in summer. Sometimes he was so stuffy that he went out to lie on the ground for a breath and then went back to sleep. '

In the wardrobe, Wang Jinghai couldn't sleep at all. Jiang Shuping has to go to the toilet three or four times every night because of the drug's stimulating effect on the kidney. Every time Wang Jinghai crawled out of the closet and lifted her to the toilet. In order to cure his wife's illness, Wang Jinghai has no shortage of troubles. But the effect is not obvious. The couple miss the time of their new marriage the most, but now Jiang Shuping can only lie in bed, the same thing is that her husband is still around. When it comes to dreams, Wang Jinghai said that his biggest wish is that the husband and wife go through the rest of their lives together.