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Are you willing to give strangers a temporary dependence on the bus? The power to warm the city

Are you willing to lend your shoulder to strangers in this world? When more and more people are reluctant to lend a helping hand to strangers, many people are also contributing to the indifference of this society through their own weak power! Would you like to give strangers a friendly and warm shoulder on the bus to rest for a while?

Do you want to lend your shoulder when you are sleepy in the bus? Yesterday, netizen "candid"_ Wang 'lent his shoulder to a passenger for more than 20 minutes, hoping that this would make the distance between strangers closer.

Yesterday, netizen candid_ Wang 'posted a picture of himself on Weibo. A young man was sleeping soundly on his shoulder. The microblog has been forwarded and praised by many netizens and has read more than 15000 times.

It is understood that netizen "candid"_ Wang 'is a junior in Fujian Information Technology College. Yesterday afternoon, he boarded a No. 60 bus at Cangshan town bus station and sat next to a young man who looked sleepy. When the bus stops near the normal university station, the young man's head slowly tilts to the left and leans against the netizen "candid"_ Wang's shoulder.

Netizen 'candid_ Wang 'didn't care too much at the beginning. After more than 10 minutes, his shoulders were a little sore, but when he saw that the young man was sleeping soundly and couldn't bear to disturb him, he kept his previous posture and took a picture of himself.

When the bus was about to arrive at the south bus station, the young man suddenly woke up, embarrassed from the netizen "candid"_ Wang's shoulder was removed and he got off the bus.

Many netizens said that this picture is very warm, which reminds them of a report that happened in the subway of the United States recently forwarded by many multimedia. On October 31 last year, a 65 year old white man took the subway home. A black man slept on the shoulder of the white man for more than half an hour. A passenger once asked the white man if he wanted to wake up the black man. The white man replied: 'he must be very tired this day. Let him sleep. '

Netizen 'candid_ Wang 'said that he had read the report, so when he encountered this situation, he wanted to follow suit. 'I don't think that's bad. I have the ability to provide convenience for others. Why not?' he said. He hoped that this would shorten the distance between strangers and make each other more harmonious and friendly in the city.