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"The most beautiful daughter-in-law" is worthy of the fact that her daughter-in-law is so angry that

The disharmony between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law has always been one of the hot topics in our society. There will be great contradictions in the dark, but there are also many daughters in law who come forward at the critical moment! There was a flash fire at home. The daughter-in-law, who was cooking, ran into the house from the kitchen and carried the paralyzed mother-in-law out of the door. When she went out, she accidentally knocked down the fuel tank at the door, causing 60% of her body to be burned. During the treatment, the filial daughter-in-law did not forget to ask her mother-in-law about her condition.

Yesterday, outside the burn surgery department of the second Department of the first hospital of Jilin University, the reporter met Mr. Shi, the husband of his filial daughter-in-law, who was deeply regretful for the fire at home. 'if you don't put the fuel tank at the door, even if there is an electric fire at home, your wife and mother will be OK, but now your wife is burned and your mother is burned & hellip; & hellip; "It's all my fault!" said Mr. Shi reproachfully. His wife's name is Yidan. She lives in Lu Township, Shuangyang District, Changchun City. She usually repairs electrical appliances for a living. There is a mother who has been paralyzed in bed for more than 80 years. Because he can repair household appliances, he has made a gasoline car, which is convenient to go out and repair.

At about 18:00 on December 9, Mr. Shi helped people repair the electric appliances and just came home, he began to repair the gasoline car. They usually eat early, but they cook late that day to wait for me. 'Mr. Shi said that while his wife was cooking, she was repairing the car near the entrance. "During this period, the oil meter of the car has been not working very well. I think it's just before supper is ready that I need to repair the car. "Mr. Shi said, but just as he was repairing the car, he heard his wife's voice breaking her throat." the electricity is on fire at home. Go and carry your mother! "

Hearing this, Mr. Shi immediately got up and ran into the house. But at this time, the wife, who was cooking in the kitchen, had already run away from the mother-in-law who was lying on the bed from the kitchen. 'there was no fire on her body at that time, but when she went out, she knocked down the fuel tank at the door at once. After a while, the whole fire was on her. 'Mr. Shi said.

At that time, although her wife was on fire, she still tried to put her mother-in-law on the snow and began to put out the fire. 'when she calms down, her lower body is full of fire. Seeing this, Mr. Shi immediately wrapped his wife in a wet quilt sheet and watered her continuously, so as to put out the fire on her.

In recent days, Mr. Shi's wife has been in the hospital for treatment. Now the money has been spent, and the hospital has stopped her medicine. 'all the relatives at home can borrow it, but it's still not enough. 'Mr. Shi said that if the operation can't be performed next week, his wife will be in danger.