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Movie "small age 3" reveals Gong mingjinrong's make-up photo as a cool and charming man

Directed by Guo Jingming and produced by Heli Chenguang, the film "little times 3" is being shot in Shanghai with the roles of Yang Mi, Ke Zhendong, Guo Caijie, Chen Xuedong, Guo biting and Xie Yilin. A few days ago, a group of make-up photos of Gong Ming and kitty in "little age 3" were first exposed in the film. Jin Rong and Shang Kan dressed in several amazing costumes respectively, and perfectly interpreted the characters in the workplace with 17 styles. One is cool and charming, and the other is full of style. The characters in each group of pictures appear like 'twins', which is very eye-catching.

Jin Rong, a mixed race male model with chest muscles, has attracted much attention since he announced his role as Gong Ming. In Gong Ming's make-up photo of "small age 3", Jin Rong sometimes wears a handsome suit and sometimes a long overcoat, revealing the perfect proportion of the figure, simple, exquisite and full of fashion, showing the style of a gentleman. The new version of Mr. Gong's eyes are warm or cold, which perfectly interprets Gong Ming's indifference and mystery. The part of Kitty played by Shang Kan is full of momentum in high-heeled shoes, a long bright red windbreaker, domineering and cool. The slim black skirt and deep red suit show her unique professional temperament in the film. Her skilful manner looks like a 'female soldier', which undoubtedly shows the temperament of the workplace imperial sister.

It was learned that the concept of the fixed makeup photo originated from the relationship between the two people in the film. In the film, Kitty is Mr. Gong Ming's assistant, one is a cold boss in the workplace, and the other is a right-hand assistant. There are a lot of opponents in the film. In the film "small time 1", Gong Ming's warm experience of visiting kitty with coffee on Christmas Eve has always made the audience speculate on their complicated emotions. For the first time, small times 3 presents a set make-up photo of Gong Ming and Kitty. The cold and mysterious boss and the cool and gorgeous strong woman in the workplace are on the same stage, which makes everyone look forward to their office magic in small times 3. In the group photo of the two people, Jin Rong appears handsome with a single eyebrow. After business talks, it seems that a business war is about to start. People are looking forward to the wonderful performance of the new image of the workplace in small times 3.