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The film version of new dragon eight is expected to be released in January

The micro film "new Tianlong eight" starring popular man Zhong Hanliang is tentatively scheduled to be officially released in January 2014. A few days ago, after the "sister version" posters and a group of the latest stills were exposed, the film side played the "male god" card again and revealed a group of fixed makeup photos in Zhong Hanliang's films, which attracted many netizens and fans. As early as December 22nd, the TV drama version of the eight new dragon, which was also played by Zhong Hanliang, has been launched in Hunan satellite TV. The play has always been controversial since the date of broadcasting. Although there are people who are "popular king" Zhong Hanliang, their stories and visual effects make complaints about their stories. Therefore, the micro film version of "new Tianlong eight movies", which is composed of new production team, new shooting technology and new story content, has attracted more attention at this time. According to Zhong Hanliang's personal make-up photos, Xiao Feng's modeling follows the gorgeous and exquisite visual style of Sohu Changyou's online game of the same name, which makes the image of a generation of chivalrous Xiao Feng more powerful and iconic. Combined with the plot of Tianlong Babu, this set up photo is divided into two themes: Qiaofeng version and Xiaofeng version. The two themes are completely opposite in character temperament and character modeling, which has the feeling of "ice and fire double heaven".

Xiao Feng's plot in the movie version may be split, and Zhong Hanliang's style will be different

The film version of "new Tianlong Babu" is also known as "Tianlong sequel". The story follows the ending of Mr. Jin Yong's martial arts novel "Tianlong Babu" and creates an unexpected story. According to the film, the story in the micro film will be darker, and the layout will be more complicated, while Xiao Feng, the great Xia of "resurrection from the dead", will face a great test of human nature, which is enough to make him "collapse" or even "split". This group of photos also seems to coincide with the film's statement. In the photos, the two themes of 'Qiao Feng's version' and 'Xiao Feng's version' will be in different stages of life, and two Xiao Feng with different styles and temperament will be fully displayed. The 'Qiaofeng version' fixed make-up photo, because the characters at this time have not yet become the famous beggars' sect leader, and accompanied by a Zhu, the overall style looks atmospheric and calm, does not lose the 'chivalrous' demeanor, and even has a kind of' tenderness like water 'feeling, and its modeling dress and background picture are mainly gray blue; In Xiao Feng's version, the character's modeling is a domineering image of "being as fast as the wind and plundering as fire". The red dress and background color, coupled with the action modeling with a strong sense of power, are very consistent with Xiao Feng's heroic temperament of "valuing love and righteousness". It's worth mentioning that Zhong Hanliang, Xiao Feng's actor, can also be said to be at ease in this group of "ice and fire" makeup photos. He is always good at martial arts. He not only wants to be ice and fire, but also can't help but admire his acting skills. No matter how the character's temperament changes, the "male god" is always full of style, which has been joked by many netizens as "there is style in every change.".