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Who are the main actors in the new year's movie ah friend pays back the money? What social realities

On December 13, the new year's comedy ah friend pays back the money, which was the first to burst into laughter, was released on December 13. The film makers were full of confidence in box office expectations. The producer, Mr. Yang, said that "New Year's Eve is to watch comedy. This simple truth may not be understood by all.". The types of practical comedies and debt collection scriptures are very clear. The topic of "paying back money at the end of the year" should be adapted to the situation. Whether the topic can emerge in this year's new year's Eve is just a matter of time and place.

"Strange flower abnormal" debt collection satirizes human relations, social grounding is customized for most people

The film ah friend pays money is jointly directed by Wei Jie, a well-known director, and Li Li RI, a director from Japan. Nie yuan, Hu Ke, and Jiao Enjun play the leading roles. The story directly attacks the problem of debt collection in the interpersonal society where "talking about money hurts feelings" and "talking about feelings hurts money". This paper describes a crazy debt collection story with a lot of exaggeration and black humor. The men and women involved in "multi angle debt" use various "exotic" and even "abnormal" tactics to collect and evade debts. According to Director Wei Jie, the film is extracted from thousands of real and interesting debt collection stories, ensuring that the audience can feel the irony and hypocrisy of the Chinese human society while making the audience laugh.

Li Li Li, a director who once studied with the film master Takeshi Kitano, said that the Chinese people's emphasis on "money" has reached a fantastic level, and there is no need to "owe money" to be more troublesome. In order to collect and evade debts, everyone is as rich as the monkey king. When it comes to money, everyone can be the "movie queen". This new year's comedy focuses on comic effect and grounding. It's all about the things that happen around us. It's not "customized" but for most people.