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New version of old boy's bloody dark scenes were criticized, front view of the room was not optimist

The American version of old boy, directed by Spike Lee and starring Josh Brolin, has been released in North America on November 27, and the first batch of reviews have been released. At present, the film's rating on rotten tomatoes is only 44%, and Metacritic's media rating is only 51 points. In any case, this is not a good score. Park's original "old boy" has a much better word-of-mouth, with a quantitative score of 80% and 74 respectively.

The film chose to land on the North American big screen in the Thanksgiving schedule. However, unexpectedly, the first day's release scale was very small, with only 583 cinemas. The industry generally did not like the box office prospects of the film and thought it was difficult to make a big contribution in the North American market.

Praise: more bloody and dark than the original

Most of the good reviews praise the style of the film and Spike Lee's unconventional handling of the subject, but many of them are not salty. The Hollywood Reporter said: 'although the previous film is strong enough, the film's blood and darkness are impressive. Entertainment Weekly commented: "if Park Chan Yu's original work is a skilled but soulless surgeon, then spike's remake is a demagogue who entertains himself until the last moment. '

"The Miami Herald:" the film is not without merit, but compared with the original, it lacks spiritual climax and chooses a completely different narrative method. 'the wrap thinks: 'spike is suffering from the difficulty of choosing film sense and theme depth, so there are many themes in the film that have not been explored. This is also the cause of the film's failure. In addition, the film is wonderful. '

Bad comments: the original fans will hate this movie

Different from the cover up praise, the bad comment is full of joy. Variety magazine directly said: 'the direct remake of spike & middot; Lee made the film a rotten dish. Chicago Tribune: "why did spike make this? There's no clue from the movie. ' "It's not Spike Lee's worst movie, but it's definitely his Waterloo. "The voice of the village said: 'it's not worth remembering at all, and fans of the original old boy will hate it. '

Box office: small scale of release and poor prospect

The American version of "old boy" landed in the North American market on the 27th of local time. Due to the Thanksgiving schedule, it should have made a good box office profit, but unexpectedly, the film's first batch of theaters was only 583, which made people surprised. Some North American media have pointed out that this is a strange screening mode. Has the film maker lost confidence in the film?

It is widely expected that the film's box office prospects will be very poor, and some media even gave a forecast of $2.5 million for the first week. Other media joked that "old boy" is a big and fat Turkey in Thanksgiving, which means that many films can get a share of it. Meanwhile, "hunger Game 2" and "ice and snow" are likely to be big winners in this schedule.