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When is the movie "fangzhongshu" on? What are the highlights?

at the end of each year, new films are being made and TV plays are in hot season. One after another, good-looking and wonderful new films show the audience new feelings and visual shock. So, what are the highlights of the film blockbusters at the end of the year? Now let's take a look at one of the "fangzhongshu" will bring you the wonderful point is what!

At the end of the year, a large number of good plays were assembled, and Zhang Xiaolan, one of China's top ten new directors, was in full swing in 2013. The film tells the story of a young couple's "creation" after many twists and turns. It depicts the confusion and struggle of the new generation in front of the proposition of inheriting the family. Bai Fumei, a young, sexy and hot figure, has become the highlight of the film on how to transform herself into a young woman with heavy responsibilities after her marriage.

In ancient China, fangzhongshu is derived from the nature of heaven and earth. It imitates birds and animals, pays attention to the cultivation of human nature, enjoys the joy of fish and water, and adds the happiness of family. There are not only rich and unique sexual skills, but also the health concept and wisdom of "sexual health". The director boldly innovates and explores new ways. The movie "fangzhongshu" does not follow the path of Chinese fangzhongshu, nor does it cater to the current vulgar routine of "eroticism + violence" -- making "fangzhongshu" a matter of the house. After all, fangzhongshu is not an imitation guide for love action movies in the island, nor can it be practiced by the Internet's lavish advertising products. This is exactly the wealth left by our ancestors, which is the ultimate health preservation road of sexual intercourse, and the root of family happiness in a profound and comprehensive way. The director will explain this truth in a humorous way, so that the audience can regain the treasures that have been proved by practice for generations.

Zhang Bo, who is both an actor and a teacher of acting department, is invited to play the leading role in the film, while Li Jiaying, a popular model, is chosen as the heroine. The film tells the story of a young couple's creation after many twists and turns. It depicts that the new generation is suffering from various pressures from family, environment, and their own health in front of the eternal new proposition of inheriting the family, and how to struggle in these dilemmas, make unremitting breakthroughs, and finally find the root of the problem. The young, sexy and hot heroine is absolutely the best presentation of Bai Fumei. It is a big point of the film to interpret a young woman's role of how to provoke the important task of adding children to the male family after marriage, and can use this to preach and enlighten the audience facing the same problems.

It is reported that the shooting of "fangzhongshu" is coming to an end and will be premiered on on the 28th of this month.