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New stills revealed in Sherlock 3

"Detective Shylock 3" is about to land on the screen. Recently, the crew exposed the wedding stills of Dr. Watson, and Shylock's best man dress up is even more eye-catching!

BBC "detective Shylock" Season 3 again released a group of the latest stills, there are many details are very intriguing.

In the second episode of season 1 of Sherlock, when Sarah, the female doctor in the clinic, first appeared, many people regarded her as Mary's incarnation in the original novel. However, in the latest exposure of the stills, we finally see the wedding of Dr. Watson, and the woman standing next to him is his real life partner Amanda ebbington. We can see a lot of Amanda in the set photos exposed earlier, but the specific identity and character of her role in the play are still unknown. At the wedding of her role and Dr. Watson, Benedict conberbach Shylock, as the best man, also made a wedding speech. Look at the expression of the doctor next to you. It's definitely 'Sherlock Holmes'.