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Bankrupt sister story introduction bankrupt sister cast

Bankrupt sister story introduction, bankrupt sister cast, tells the story of two urban girls with totally different identities and backgrounds.

2 broke girls is a sitcom premiered by CBS on September 19, 2011. The show was jointly produced by Miguel & middot; Patrick & middot; king and Whitney & middot; Cummins, and produced by Warner Bros.

Set in Brooklyn, New York City, the play tells the story of two urban girls with totally different identities. Max (KAT dennings) was born in a poor family, while Caroline (Beth Behrs) was born in a rich family. Caroline's family is so down that she has to go to the hotel where Max works to earn money. The two discussed raising $250000 to start a new business together.

At the 38th American people's election, the play won the most popular new TV comedy.

The sophisticated max (played by Kate & Middleton; darlings) works two times a day, one as a night attendant at the antique Williamsburg hotel. Caroline (Beth & Middleton; bier) is the daughter of a trust boss whose father's bankruptcy cost her everything. In order to survive, she had to put down her lady's dignity to work in the Williamsburg hotel. Caroline and Max's colleagues include Oleg, a Ukrainian chef who particularly likes flirting with them (Jonathan kite); earl, a 75 year old, childlike cashier (Garrett & Middleton; Morris); and Mr. Li Han, the new owner of the hotel who is eager to be appreciated by every customer (Matthew & Middleton; MOI).

Caroline stumbled upon Max's knack for baking cupcakes, and immediately came up with an idea to get both of them out of the way - as long as they managed to raise enough start-up money, they could start their own baking business. Dreams come from dreams. Reality is reality after all. They have to stay in this hotel and save money one minute at a time. Nothing is difficult if you put your heart into it. As long as the two girls unite and persevere, they can finally find their own place in this dreamlike metropolis.