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12 episodes of love's way of survival in Taiwan Opera

Love's way to live Episode 12

An Lei, who wakes up suddenly, has been struggling all night. When she wakes up, she is still coughing. After struggling to get up, she finds that there are 20 missed calls on her mobile phone. She finds that it's already past her working hours;

Simon is worried about anlei and goes home to take care of her. Looking at anlei who is sleeping, Simon expresses his admiration?

After knowing that anlai misunderstands his relationship with Lulu, Yikang anxiously explains to anlai and confesses seriously, but anlai responds to his mind with an evasive attitude & hellip; & hellip;

The negative anlei thinks that ekang's love is just a kind of "habit" of getting along with each other day and night. However, Simon's sudden confession makes anlei feel more confused. She only wants & hellip; & hellip; one's freedom.