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Cat Shit mother Episode 1 story introduction: Bian Guizhi's misunderstanding and complaint against B

Cat Shit mom Episode 1

Siya Su Mei is jealous

The writer Biance died. His two daughters Guizhi and Shuren and his wife Sumei held a funeral for Biance, but his ex-wife masiya did not appear for a long time. Su Mei is well aware of Siya's character. She thinks that she is so absorbed in her work that she forgets Biance's funeral ceremony. She decides not to wait for Siya to start the ceremony.

Siya, who is eager for quick success and instant benefits, is a career oriented woman. Because her flight is in an accident, she can't land. In order to catch up with her funeral, she doesn't hesitate to conspire with her assistant to force her flight to land early. At the funeral, Siya and Su Mei respectively recount their life with Biance. They finally quarrel with each other in the auditorium. Fortunately, only by sparing others' efforts can the funeral go on smoothly.

Siya opposes coffee shop

At the cremation ceremony, Siya put a famous writer's manuscript in Biance's coffin. It turned out that Biance had always wanted this manuscript. In order to fulfill Biance's wish, Siya went to Taiwan to bring it back to Hong Kong. Guizhi and others misunderstood that Siya came to Taiwan because of her work. They could not help feeling guilty because they misunderstood her.

After passing by, a property in his name was handed over to Su Mei, Gui Zhi and Si Ya in the form of equal distribution. In order to fulfill her wish, Su Mei plans to run a coffee shop in this property. Guizhi agrees, but Siya asks Su Mei to pay her rent. Obviously, she doesn't support Su Mei's plan.

Misunderstanding caused by your knowledge

Su Mei and Guizhi began to decorate the shop. Guizhi was influenced by his father when he was young, so they developed excellent coffee making technology and knowledge. Guizhi also seriously considered whether to give up going back to the UK to study medicine and stay in Hong Kong to run a coffee shop. However, Su Mei refused and supported Guizhi to finish his studies first.

Siya asks Guizhi to meet in her company, but Guizhi meets Bao on the way. Because Guizhi's clothes are similar to the people she meets, Zhidi and Guizhi misunderstand each other. When you know that you want to buy doctor's paper illegally, you leave a bad impression on him.

She used to be the head of food and Beverage Department of Siya company. She also won the champion of Hong Kong style coffee making competition. Knowing that the company is arranging layoffs, she and her subordinate Jianshi are very nervous. For the sake of performance, Zhidi even ignores Guizhi's failure. In a rage, Guizhi complains about Zhidi in writing on the questionnaire in the suggestion box.

Facing the trouble of being laid off

The next day, Di Di received the company's layoff order, asking him and one of Jianshi to resign, which made him feel distressed. Because she is a single father and has a son, Zuguang, if she loses her job, it will affect her family.

She decided to consult with Ren Jiazheng. Jiazheng is the co tenant of the site and a home economics teacher in middle school. She is very polite and familiar with weaving and cooking skills, so she often becomes a teaser for female students. But Jiazheng, on the other hand, was also a person who attached great importance to principles. When he learned that there were students in the class who were looking for someone to do home lessons for them, he punished the whole class. Site dike in the outside to see in the eyes, also dare not to reveal to Jiazheng that he may lose his job.

Guizhi remembers his father's teaching

Guizhi picks up his belongings in Biance's study and worries about studying abroad. Guizhi's wish is not to become a doctor, but it can't make Siya's expectation come to nothing. Finally, Guizhi remembers the teachings of bianzhuan, and secretly hopes that her father in heaven can enlighten her.